Saturday, January 30, 2010

So What's Arthur Up To?

We thought we would follow Arthur around, yesterday, to give you a taste of a day in his life. First he got up, had his quiet time with God, worked a little on his taxes. Had a large breakfast of some great oatmeal. The guys took care of milking the cows.
After breakfast he went out in the cold and welded a number of bale rings for the beef cows.
After fixing them he took a good while feeding all the cows, and the horses.
Then we caught him fixing a chainsaw. In fact, he spends lots of time fixing things like every other farmer. Even the farmers who buy the fancy equipment spend their share of time fixing, and fixing. And tuning up. He also cleaned barn, and then we got too busy to follow him around any more! But I know he keeps busy!
Meanwhile, Silas is working on the Geosafari machine, a much easier way to drill yourself on countries around the world for geography than paper and ink or even computer. And much more fun. Our kids have used this for years and it's one of our favorite homeschool "toys".
Can you guess what this is? Well, Caleb's been helping my father-in-law fix a tractor. REALLY fixing a tractor!! The piece that needed replacing was way in the middle of the tractor and could only be replaced with the entire thing taken apart. Hope they remember what goes back where!
Miriam's been working on a small quilt.
And we've been working hard to keep the house toasty warm. So, we hope your Sunday is good tomorrow and that your heart will be open to the things God has for you to learn.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Wondering...

We've been talking about the North Dakota Home School Convention in Fargo. Are any of you reading this going? Have any of you heard Kevin Swanson? Anyone been to Amy Vest's Purity Conference? Just wondering :) Have a sweet and glorious day with God's love everywhere you look!

Monday, January 25, 2010

This and That...

While the kids were out playing hockey today, and Arthur was out feeding the beef cows, I worked on library stuff. Here's a few of the new things. The "Eden Strings Quartet" was really good and they're farm girls so that makes it just a little more special! Those into playing stringed intruments would enjoy this. It's not just music, but also tells about the family and their farm. "Click, Clack, Jack" is a children's video. Some might say it's not professional enough, but we enjoyed it. Over and over I hear people criticize amateur videoing but I say, "Way to go!". I love it that people are out there trying to make good clean movies even if they might not have a Steven Spielburg quality. Gotta start somewhere. Yes, it's very clean too. "Seven" is another good Lamplighter book. It's about a man who has seven days left to live and how after wasting most of his life, he tries to finish well. It's sad but very good. A very good reminder that our days here on earth may be short and we must do whatever we can to further the cause of Christ.

We had a nice day of rest yesterday after two great services and lunch together. We watched some of the Vikings game at my parents house. No, we're not "into" football but it was fun to watch and too bad they lost. Then Aaron and Naomi came over and they brought a cake and the game "Shoot the Moon". Kinda like Rook. Oh, and back to Friday, Isaac, Caleb and Priscilla , along with the J. boys, went skiing with the Mittons and our local homeschool group. It was Priscilla and Caleb's first time and they are really, really hooked! Priscilla was brave and went down the Black Diamond. Isaac went one other time when he was really young. Sorry, no pictures!

The weather's been kinda strange. It actually rained for several days - something that hardly ever happens in January up here! Then it turned to snow on Saturday and now today it's really windy. So the roads are bad and there's drifts everywhere. Makes feeding the cows a challenge and hauling manure on the field even more so. I'm so glad for a warm house! And all the cows in the barn are warm and the chickens toasty in their calf igloo we keep them in with a heat lamp and bales around it.

Sorry, P. family. I've been working on a slideshow of some of the hilarious faces you all make whenever a camera is pointed your way, my surprise, but somehow, I can't find what I did with the pictures!

Have a great evening with God!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Here's the chicken video clip Silas took. He must've gotten too close because the chicken pecked the camera - although it was so fast you can hardly see it!


Silas was out checking for eggs and got a picture of some of the chickens. At least they look like chickens! I'll try to post a video so you can decide for yourself! They actually sound more like turkeys :( We won't be taking these ones to the fair!!!
The guys have been doing lots of fishing and Hosanna was recruited to help fillet them with Silas while the other guys milked the cows. Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow! Remember to pray for Haiti and that some of the workers would use the opportunity to show them Christ's love.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Memory

Dr. Roland G. Garlick
1936 -2010
This last week Dr. Garlick went home to glory. For those of you who are not aquainted with Dr. Garlick, he was an evangelist, mainly to Spanish speaking people. He, along with his wife, who went home to glory last year, and his family have dedicated their lives to sharing the gospel wherever they go, and mostly in Spanish speaking communities and countries. He is also the founder of the Spanish "Sword of the Lord" magazine called the "LaEspada". Arthur and I spent some time in Mission, Texas when we were first married working with Dr. Garlick and his son, Dan Garlick. In later years, several of our children have also worked on printing the LaEspada and so have also met Dr. Garlick and enjoyed spending some time with him.

I guess the thing I remember most about Dr. Garlick, is that, while he battled Parkinson's disease for many years, and found it hard to walk and stand, he still did what he could, and even more with God's strength. He was a man who dared to dream big about what he could do for God. God blessed him and he did do big things for God and because of the ministry he started, and the preaching he did, thousands will be in heaven as a result.

So in this post, I would like the Garlick family, especially Teresa, who reads this blog :) , to know that we are praying for you and looking forward to seeing you all again sometime! My grandma always said when someone went home to glory, "The circle grows larger up there," which is also the words of an old song. Dr. Garlick said in one of his last messages, "Jesus saves! Go tell everybody!" Sounds like we better get busy!

(Oh, P. family, I'm still working on the entertaining surprise for you! Please be patient!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Company Fun...

Well all the company that came up for Naomi's wedding is gone with the P. family leaving this morning. Here's a little of what we did. Chess, and more chess, and more chess. What a wonderful spectator sport ;)
Mini golf at the blacklight mini golf place in town.

Don't you just love what blacklight does to what you wear?

James and Miriam. Hosanna and Arthur tied for first place.

Miriam holding sweet, little, cuddly David.

Cute little Daniel after he just woke up with his handsome dad, Amos.

Priscilla playing goalie.

Jordan and Hosanna in the goalie. I'm told she's really good.

James, Mrs. P., Jordan, and Ben. Just sitting around while we visit. I think they look sad about leaving!!

The guys went fishing and James had to eat some snow.

Pile on! Just about everyone went to Bemis Hill for sledding.

Watch out, Silas! Yes, he fell!

Two of the younger J. children. The weather was gorgeous all week.

It's not so bad going down but walking all the way up gets really tiring. The picture doesn't do it justice but it's a long ways down there!

Jordan and Hosanna helping Joanna, Rebekah's little sister.
Pray for everyone as they travel home today, including the honeymooners! Oh, P. family, we have a real interesting blog treat for you on Monday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Wedding

I had some more pictures given to me so I thought I'd post a few more pictures. This one shows Naomi holding a Hershey's Kiss. A few of them were hid all over the church and if you brought one to the wedding couple, they would kiss. Only one problem, word leaked out and two other people brought bags of kisses! It was so funny! After awhile Naomi finally caught on and said, "I only hid silver kisses, this one is red!" With a small church and a lot of people, we had nine different food stations set up all over the church so people just went all over, it worked really good and we were prepared for more than actually came.

We had a program as part of the reception which is something very popular in Canada, and having Canadian relatives, we had one as well. There were a few speeches, with fun stories about the couple. Priscilla and a few of her cousins sang a song about Naomi and Aaron written to the Davy Crocket tune. It was hilarious! If I can get a video clip of it we'll post it sometime. Aaron's brother was the Master of Ceremonies and did a great job. Here Naomi and Aaron are closing the program with thanks for those that helped.

Amos was really funny with the things he shared about both Aaron and Naomi. He also shared their story of how they met, got betrothed, etc. Naomi also threw the boquet as part of the program. All the girls 15 and older crowded in the front, and there were lots of them, and a 14 year old girl caught it!

Eating the cake. When Naomi was studying wedding customs, she found that in some culture somewhere, they actually break the cake over the brides head!

After the bridal party and parents / grandparents walked out, we showed a six minute slide show while Benjamin played piano. Not only was it a great slideshow but it gave the family time to "recover" and regroup for the receiving line. I'm not sure I've ever seen Naomi so happy! The couple was so fun to watch!

Lighting the candles. No, her veil didn't start on fire! Aaron blew the candle out for her.

My neice and nephew checking out the rings on the pillow. They did such a good job!

Well, now that the wedding is over, Rebekah's family and the P. family from Illinois stayed up here for the week. We haven't taken a lot of pictures but we'll post some when we have time. Thanks for all you nice comments about the wedding! Naomi did pretty much all the planning herself - her final test she told me! I would say she passed with flying colors!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Wedding!

Here's the beautiful cake Naomi made with royal icing snowflakes. Snowflakes was kinda Naomi's theme. The flower girl dropped snow like glitter and there were snowflakes on all the tables, wreaths, etc. Anyway, it was really pretty!
After working hard to get the food and church ready, and after a smooth rehearsal, the wedding party went out to eat for the grooms supper. Very nice!

Okay, I know they aren't posing for this one but it was the only one I had that showed what the girls looked like. Imagine smiles on their faces! Naomi had three personal attendants who were also assingned to each fix different peoples hair so that was kinda neat.

And the handsome groomsmen. Amos, two of Aaron's brothers, and Aaron.

The wedding was just perfect! There's just something special about two people getting married who saved themselves for each other and give their first kiss at the altar. Some relatives who are used to weddings where the bride and groom are immoral or even live together first were surprised at how in love they looked! That's the way it should be.

The first kiss! She looked so beautiful and happy! I couldn't imagine changing anything from the way Naomi planned the wedding.

And after the wedding. Okay, I know this is a rather short post about something so big in our lives but I know Noami will want to do a really long post and use her professional pictures so I want to give her that honor. We thought you'd like to see how it went though. Naomi and Aaron have started a blog though at No, it's not "serving the Lord to get her!" like someone miss read it! Anyway, I think we're all still in a little bit of a daze even three days later! I guess to sum it up - God is so good and I can't wait till that final marriage between Christ and the church!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

45 Hours Left!

We've just about been living at the church the last couple of days. The guys were very gracious in sending the old grand piano down the road to give us more seating. The new (to us) grand piano we got last year got tuned today so that was a blessing.
We took last night off to celebrate Christmas with Arthur's side of the family. The young guys had a good time comparing ipods and visiting.

The little girls were happy to be together and we all enjoyed the great feast my mother-in-law put on. If anyone went away hungry it was their own fault! Kinda like it's our own fault if we are hungry spiritually because the Bible is full of good food!
This might be the last betrothal picture we get of Naomi and Aaron. This was taken during the white elephant gift opening. What a great way to have fun with gifts without breaking the bank or guessing what so and so would like! The younger children exchange names but those 16 and over are in the white elephant exchange so it works good for a large group.
Yesterday and today Naomi worked on her wedding cake. It's not quite done but it is beautiful!! She is always so creative and this one really "takes the cake" for creativity!

SJ asked how I was taking the wedding and giving our daughter away. Well, you might say it's a bittersweet feeling. This poem my sister-in-law sent me says it all, I'm warning you, it's sad:

A Wedding Poem
A humble cottage 'neath the hill,
Where children laugh and romp at will-
With parents' tender love and care,
How could their lives be else than fair?
Oh, let them all be glad today,
For swift the years will pass away,
And when they're women grown, and men,
'Twill never be the same again.
The wedding bells may sweetly ring,
And glory be on everything;
But when one leaves the dear home nest,
'Tis lonelier for all the rest.
And if they one by one shall leave,
How can the parents help but grieve?
All come and go and love, - but then,
'Tis never quite the same again.
Ah, well! Perhaps 'tis better so,
That deeper meanings we may know.
There is no loss, no grief, no pain,
That may not bring its own sweet gain
And in that blessed land above,
There'll be again one home, one love,
Then one in heart, and one in name,
At last 'twill ever be the same.
Mrs. Frank A. Breck

Sniffle... Well, we'll post again when the wedding is all over and show you that nice cake, the beautiful bride and handsome groom, and all those other details. Please pray for those travelling today, tomorrow, and Friday. Just about all of Naomi's special friends will be there with a couple of exceptions so she's really excited, well, maybe it's the wedding she's excited about! Or it could be that mystery honeymoon she knows nothing about! Whatever! We'll post after it's all over!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Should we be happy or sad? Daniel is unhappy because his new boots don't allow him to walk very good and he falls down. We're happy because this is our 501st post on this blog!
The girls are unhappy because Naomi is packing up her belongings to move out. (This is just a portion of the stuff Naomi somehow packed into her bedroom!) I'm happy because I had a birthday, and an anniversary this last week. 44 years old and 24 years of marriage to a great man of God.
The garbage man will be unhappy when he sees the garbage collection this week from Naomi's room. Miriam's happy because this will be HER room in less than a week.
We're all happy that Hosanna and Miriam made portzleky this week. Portzleky is kinda like a raisen fritter. We roll them in sugar and our dentist is happy too!
Sarah B. came over one day and experimented with Naomi's hair and made a face at just the moment the camera flashed. I'm sure Aaron will be happy when he sees his gorgeous bride!
I Thessalonians 4:18 In EVERYTHING give thanks!
We're thankful for all of you, whether family or friends, and wish you a Happy New Year! :)