Videos to See

Some of our family's favorite videos:

Amish Grace - The story about the 2006 school shooting at an Amish school in Pennsylvania.  Keep a kleenex box handy!

Flywheel - Very well done for a first movie by Sherwood Productions.  You might want to fastforward some music but overall we really enjoyed this one.

The Oath of Desormeau - This is one of those movies done by those new to movie making so it may not be perfectly done but we enjoy it.  We do not, however, have the guys watch it simply because one of the ladies wears a dress a little low cut.

The Printing - I guess we'd have to say this is probably our family favorite.  It was put out by BJU Showforth productions and is about printing Bibles in a communist country.  The winter scenes were filmed at and near the Bible college we were going to back when so we know a lot of the extras.  If you look quick, Arthur is the guy in the brown plaid shirt skating away with the last Bible in the last scene!

Unidentified - Would be a great movie to show someone interested in UFO's.  Course this is from a christian view and asks the question, if you were to die today where would you go? Heaven or hell?  Music is a little questionable and the ladies do not dress overly modest.

Mr. Button Videos - There are about six or seven in this set.  They are wonderfully clean children's movies with the gospel clearly presented.  These are our favorite children's videos.

Pamela's Prayer - This is an older movie but we appreciate the theme of waiting to kiss till your wedding day.  Need the kleenex box for this one too!

Crime of the Age - Another older movie but one our children loved when they were younger.  Presents the gospel in a who-dun-it type mystery story.

Sheffy, Wine of Morning, Flame in the Wind - Other movies put out by BJU's Showforth productions.  All very professional and well done.  Excellent and should be in every family library.

Pendragon - A movie put out by a family learning movie making.  Very good and well done and lots of special effects and high action.

Fireproof - You've probably all watched this by now.  It is a good movie stressing the marriage relationship.  Maybe not the best for young children.

Project Dinosaur, Appalation Trial, Treasure Map - Three children's videos put out by BJU's Showforth productions.

The Torchlighters - A series for children about hero's of the faith done in a animated format.  Very good and they have a short documentary included in each one.  The Jim Elliot one has the natives immodestly dressed, which they were, so you make the call on that one.

D is for Dinosaur, A is for Adam - Two creation science based videos based off of the books of the same title.  They are basically the books read by one of the Ham girls in their cute Australian dialect.

Captive Faith - The story of Georgie Vins who was in a Russian prision camp in WWII.  Arthur is one of the prisioners in one scene and a guard in another so that makes this one special!  It is a good movie too! No, you won't recognize him but we do!