Monday, May 4, 2020

Busy Days!

I'm sure you are all getting tired of the Coronovirus shutdown like we are. One thing we have enjoyed is doing a drive in service at our church. It's not like being in person, but sure better than sitting home watching it!

We were looking through some old pictures and found this one of Arthur, far left, from back in our college days at Northland. Those of you that know us, should know who is standing beside him as well! This was taken in our apartment when they were getting ready for a nightime campus event.

Another oldie picture we found was this one from the April Morning drama. It hardly looks like Arthur! 

The guys have been out sucker fishing a couple of times and one thing I did with them was make some pickled fish. Okay, as a girl I loved pickled fish. Ate it whenever I got a chance. But then one day I made some and realized that its really just raw, pickled fish. Haven't been able to eat it since!

Today my project is to take some old beans I had, both black beans and garbanzo beans and cook them up. They've been soaking all night, and after draining, rinsing, and putting in fresh water, they are on the stove as I speak. I love both of these beans in salads, in chili, in omelets, you name it! This time of year I always get into "empty the freezer and pantry" mode for the new garden season coming up. 

Arthur enjoyed taking Daniel sucker fishing and teaching him how to filet a fish. He loved it! Suckers are a great fish to learn on because if you mangle the filet all up, who cares! There's more!

Backing up to Easter Sunday, the girls took time to dress up and fix their hair to celebrate our Lord and Savior's death and resurrection!

They couldn't resist a Coronovirus facemask photo!

Arthur and I went for a drive last night, which we very seldom have time for, and looked at the fields. This is last years flax crop that never got harvest because of the fall rains. The field is still too wet to harvest. Such is farming.

Meanwhile, we are having calves born every day and its so fun to see the mama and baby pairs in the field!

Meanwhile, Priscilla works hard to finish up the rough draft of a new book.

Meanwhile, Miriam got her plane tickets for this summer. We will sure miss her!

So that's it for now. Continue to pray for our country and its leaders. Pray too for church leaders around the country that they would have wisdom in when to reopen and how. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Early March

Well, this has been an eventful month so far, hasn't it? Things haven't slowed down a whole lot at our house. In fact, everyone I know in our entire town is pretty much still working almost like normal. There are no cases of Covid 19  in our area that anyone knows of, so that could change if there gets to be some. Meanwhile, we've been watching grandchildren here and there.
One of  AJ's favorite thing to do at our house is play with play dough. Literally, he can do this for hours! Having sisters join in helps too!

Priscilla had a birthday this week and decided to try her hand at making cake pops, which we've never done. They were very good! Little nieces helped her.

Arthur had a wild game of Apples to Apples with the older grandchildren.

Mike enjoyed all the extra attention he got!

If you remember this fall, it was really, really wet. Arthur was unable to get all the corn harvested. This is the strip left of the corn maze, trails and all. Another field with corn we just put the cows in it a few weeks ago to finish it off and to stretch out the hay till spring. Wait, it is spring. Well, Minnesota spring!

Ready to fight the Covid19 virus! Seriously, I think I'm the only grandma who lets her grandkids take over the entire house having battles and games destroying it all in the process. Where is my common sense? Hopefully some day they will appreciate it and remember the fun they had at our house! And yes, they're really good at helping clean it all up when the battles are over. And no, they didn't use real paintballs in the paintball guns!

School. Can't get out of that!

Priscilla did the girls nails and they dug out the dresses from our dress up chest.

A birthday picture of our lovely daughter. I so appreciate Priscilla's creativity, hard work, heart for God, imagination, and the fun she brings to our house! We love you, Priscilla, and hope you have another great year!

I've still been plugging away on maze projects. I did a couple more macrame hangings. 

I made some reversible snowmen / scarecrows. Also made a pile of aprons, dishtowels, and some earrings. If this virus continues for months and months, guess what family members are all getting for Christmas! I actually love doing crafts and its a great way to enjoy these long winter days.

Arthur is still doing some construction. We're hoping it will warm up some before spring calving starts in a month or so. When he has time between construction, and feeding the cows, he's building shelves for the Granary and doing some work in the 2020 escape room for the maze.

I hope those of you that read this are all doing okay. The world is kinda crazy but how good it is to know that we have a God that is in control of it all! One of the facebook groups I am a part of has people who are very genuinely scared that they might die and are so afraid. These days are great times to share our faith and the peace of God that comes with it. The world is so needy and we have the answer they need. That being said, even those who trust in Jesus as their Savior can sometimes be afraid. Read your Bible, pray hard, and put it all in Jesus' hands. He cares so much! It might not calm the fear immediately, but at least you can know you went to the one who can and will calm those fears! Our family loves you all! Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 29, 2020

End of February!

This isn't our family, unless you want to count Eli, who says he's our Swedish exchange student, or Priscilla's little brother!  If the church guys want to play soft air, one of their favorite places is the corn maze. With all the buildings, fort, corn box, deer stand, etc, its just the perfect place to run and hide and have fun, even in the winter!

Today there was a broomball tournament fundraiser in Roosevelt and a bunch of our church guys, including Arthur, had a team. They got 1st place!

Meanwhile, Arthur and his dad decided that the corn, still standing in the field waiting for harvest, had too high of moisture content to harvest, and since we're a little shy on hay this year, put the beef cows in the corn. They love it!

I've been working on sewing aprons for the corn maze Granary.
Priscilla did a test set up of her table for next weeks home school convention.
Miriam's been plugging away on updating our church's photo/scrapbook.
We tore down last year's escape room to start on this years room.
The days are getting noticeably longer, both morning and evening!

Have a great weekend! If you need something to add to your prayer list, please pray for Mrs. M and Mr. G who both have cancer.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Loving Winter!

Okay, you wouldn't live in this part of the world if you didn't love winter! I could live without the icy roads, but other than that, its pretty nice. One thing everyone up here loves is hockey. You can't live in Warroad without loving it some anyway!
Once a week a group from our church, plus a few others go skating and play hockey. This week Esther and Anna showed up and Miriam helped them skate around the rink some since they're just learning.

Arthur and Caleb going for the puck. 

Eli as goalie. Yes, they miss Hosanna because she was a fabulous goalie. Eli is good too!

Okay, I was a little disappointed when I dreamed it was summer the other day and woke up to a very cold, windy day!

Other things we love about winter:

Getting house projects done.
Time to work on maze things.
Time to fix tractors and equipment.
The crunch when you walk in the snow.
The crisp, clean air.
It's easy to cool a room down for sleeping.
Everything looks so clean outside.
A little extra time to sleep.
Bright days- the snow reflects light!
The reminder that God can wash away our sins white as snow!

Ice fishing!
Snowmobiling (We don't do this a lot but those that do, love it!)

Tonight some of the grandchildren came by and we got a smile out of little Glorie! So adorable!!!

On the farm this week, Arthur butchered a couple of cows to feed various family members with help from a few nieces and nephews and friends to cut and wrap.  He also worked double hard to keep the cows fed with how cold it is this week.

I finished up another macrame project and then did some dishtowel embellishment using my Cricut machine. Both maze Granary projects. If you remember back awhile we made a "Come and Dine" cookbook, well, I remade it, with some changes and additions and am having it printed in magazine format. This is way cheaper than the hardcover and hopefully I can sell some at the maze as well.

Have a wonderful week! God loves you!!!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Well, I Wouldn't...

I would never be caught up this high but Arthur would!

Arthur is adding an addition on to a man's house with Eli, Mathias and Daniel's help and they wanted the branches cut from off of their antenna. It was an all day job but he came home safely so I was happy!

I've been working on Granary projects and made a few macrame hangers this week. I loved the feathers on this one.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to go to church on Sunday and enjoy worshiping God and fellowshipping with other believers!

Friday, January 24, 2020


It's been so busy since Christmas. I really wanted to do some blog posts, even tried. Backing up in time, our main computer, crashed in early December. Not good. I had so much stuff on there and I'm not really good at backing stuff up. I had backed up all my pictures the week before though! Anyway, Arthur bought me a new one for Christmas, almost exactly like my old one which I really liked. And here's the problem. It would not let me download pictures for a blog post. Today I tried something new and dowloaded Opera, a web browser, instead of using the Explorer the computer came with and voilá, it worked! Much faster too!

The big news is a new grandaughter! Isaac and Aimee had a new little girl named Glorie! It was a long labor, but it went okay is she ever an adorable little girl!! Here's the happy grandpa!

Martha checking out her new little sister. Such love this little one will have!!! 

Heidi will be a perfect big sister!

Priscilla enjoying the new little one!

Miriam taking her turn at holding the new little one. Such a blessing from God! The longer the labor the harder I pray and its such an answer to prayer to finally have the child in world and the baby and mother doing fine! Isaac and Aimee are great parents and we enjoyed watching the other  children while she was in labor.

Once January hit, I started working on maze stuff. Honestly, it takes months of prep on my part! This week I started tackling craft projects for the Granary. The plan is to bring back the gift shop and I know those plans could change, but I want to be prepared. If not, Priscilla enjoys bringing her books to craft shows and these things can go along. These are mini sticky notes. 

These are note cases. I also made some other sticky note "thingy's" and other notebooks. I love doing this kind of thing so it really wasn't work! Finished today and put away the HUGE mess I made.

January is also when we go through the church library, section by section, reorganize the books, and figure out which ones are missing, need fixing, need to be pulled or replaced.  We did that yesterday and now we make overdue slips for last year.

Arthur has been doing some construction on a house and usually takes Eli or Mathias or even Daniel along to help. He is also excited to have his first AI calf of the year.  A nice big black angus bull. There are a few other AI ones that should be born here and there but the bulk of the calving won't start until March / April.

Priscilla just got back from a trip out to visit one of her cousins so she is feeling refreshed and encouraged!

Miriam continues to do housecleaning for some ladies and keeping our house on track.

Next project? I think next week I'll work on some projects with my new Cricut Maker.  So excited to see what I can come up with for the Granary!

May God bless you all in the coming year and give you a desire to serve Him and follow Him!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Christmas 2019 - So far!

It seems as if the whole month of December we have events that remind us that we should not be celebrating the birth of our Savior only one day of the year!  These are Aaron and Naomi's children at the Immanuel Baptist Church program this last Sunday. For as many programs as we've seen over the years, each one is still special including this one!

Okay, this isn't Christmas but its something that happens most years in December. We ship the calves that were born in the spring. They sold okay and we are happy. It sure cuts down on Arthur's work this time of year! Some years I go along but this year I stayed home and watched it online.
Our church ladies had a Christmas Tea. Jaime D. was in charge and she did such a good job! The theme was Christmas around the world and included foods from around the world, a skit about how Christians aren't able to celebrate Christmas in some countries, and devotional by Arlette, and more.

The young ladies in our church have a Christmas party each year as well and take turns hosting it. Priscilla took the job on this year and made "Gingerbread" houses for the girls to decorate. I wish I had picture of it, but they did an awesome job with them! They sang carols, exchanged gifts, ate, watched a Christmas movie, and had a devotional.

I was asked to share a devotional at the Berean Baptist Church ladies tea this year. I did it on the shepherds and how they were anxious to tell everyone the good news, as we should be. Priscilla, Jessica and Krystal came along and did a couple of music specials. Miriam came along for moral support! I only got this one picture because I thought this wreath made of clothes hangers was pretty creative!

About 35 years ago this year, I returned home from a visit to France and gave Arthur a sweater I had bought for him in France. We got engaged that Christmas! Anyway, every winter he digs it out and wears it. A LOT! It looked good for quite a few years but now he just wears it for work on the farm because its almost see through in places! Last year I thought he must've misplaced it because I didn't see it or that that maybe I chucked it. But one day a few weeks ago, here he was again in the sweater!

We watched Amos and Rebekah's children one day and Miriam and Priscilla entertained them with 5-Day club style Christmas songs, and stories and taught them the verse I Timothy 1`:15 ...Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners...  Such a good reminder that it isn't just about the baby Jesus, but why He came, to save sinners, all of us!

If you have time this special season, take time to pray for our brothers and sisters in countries of the world where they are persecuted, tortured, or even put to death for celebrating Christmas. Pray that God would bless them and allow them to celebrate it in their hearts with joy and for His protection.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Churches - Trip to Ohio Part II

Okay, I one thing we enjoy when we travel is to visit different churches. I know when we have visitors at our church, which is a small church, it is such an encouragement. So we like to visit other churches, make new friends, encourage them, and learn from God's Word at the same time! (Hopefully we're an encouragement!)

On this trip to Ohio, because it was over a week long, we visited three different churches. Each was an Independent Baptist Church. It was one of the highlights of our trip! On the way down we stopped at Park Meadows Baptist Church in Illinois as we flew through the town to get to Ohio. We have always loved going to this church but hadn't been there for five years. They have a different pastor since we were there last who preached a great message on the Prayer of Jabez.

That evening we visited Nate and Hosanna's church in Xenia, Ohio. They had a special speaker and for a small church, their singing was fantastic and the fellowship was so good!  So nice to meet the people Nate and Hosanna hang out with! I loved how the people hung around and visited afterwards, a good sign of a healthy church!

On the way home we stopped by a church in Superior, Wisconsin. I want to say it was the Twin Ports Baptist Church. The singing was great there and the message was just what we needed to hear. Being hunting season, and being Wisconsin, they decorated their church with deer and fish mounts. Arthur loved it! We had driven by this church many times and were so glad for the chance to finally stop and visit.

So, my takeaways are this:

#1 - I heard one time about how churches cater to women, from the praise music where the men don't participate as much, to the decorations. Well, The Twin Ports Baptist Church didn't have to worry about the decor! The music was great in all of them too!  And I don't want to criticize those that use praise music in their services, but every time we are somewhere that uses it, with a worship team, aside from my personal music convictions, I am disappointed because I feel like the songs are high, and geared toward the women and good singers. Those of us that sing alto, or lower, and aren't the greatest singers in the world, just don't fit in and can't hardly sing along. I encourage you next time you're in a church like this, to see how many men or ladies that sing alto are really enjoying the singing. Can you hear the parts? Maybe the melody is great, but God made everyone with different voices. Just my observation. I also struggle standing in one spot for fifteen minutes singing. It must be even more difficult for people older than I am.

#2 - Where are the young adults?  Maybe they're all in our church? I don't know but it seems like everywhere we go, my adult girls are the only single ones their age.  Just a sad observation.

#3 - Churches that have children's church are missing out on the blessing of having children in their services. I love having children in church during the service even if there is some noise with it. As I get older the noise bothers me a little more, but I am still so happy for the parents who set an example for their children by sitting with them and teaching them to listen to God's Word being preached.

#4 - The next time you travel, take time to visit a church you normally don't. You will be blessed, maybe make some friends, and it will help you appreciate the church you normally go to! It will also encourage you because, I don't know about you, but sometimes it feels like the church as a whole is slipping into the world and it is so encouraging to meet other believers who are like minded and care about the things of God more than what is popular today.

Just some random thoughts about churches and our trip to Ohio!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Trip to Ohio

We took our first family vacation in years to Ohio in November.  We stayed at a gorgeous hotel on the 11th floor next to the Northern Kentucky Convention Center where Priscilla and Miriam helped judge at the National Bible Bee. While the girls were there, Arthur and I enjoyed visiting Hosanna and Nate who were only an hour away. The hotel had this beautiful gazebo in the center of the building.

One day we went to the Air Force Museum in Dayton. This is a WWII RAF plane. If you've ever read the children's books about the RAF you will appreciate this! Good books for boys, by the way!

Priscilla in a space suit at the museum!

This museum was a pretty awesome place to go. There were SOOOO many airplanes starting with WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Others, Presidential, and space. It was during the week and we had the place almost to ourselves.  If you ever get there, go! Plan for a long day though!

My favorites were the Air Force One planes. And yes, you got to walk through them! This was the newest one they had that a number of recent presidents used.

The whole way down to Ohio we could hear a strange noise in the vehicle. We pulled into Nate and Hosanna's place and right away the water pump went bad. So thankful that it didn't happen on the road! God was watching over us! So Arthur was able to use Nate's tools to replace that. Then one of the breaks started squealing really  bad and he ended up replacing that too. He didn't want to get his shirt dirty so we popped into a thrift store and he bought a cheap suitcoat to wear to do his car repairs!

The view outside of our hotel window! This was taken outside but this is what we watched at night. So beautiful and so nice and warm compared to home!

We enjoyed watching the Bible Bee finals that were held at the Ark Encounter. I get so edified listening to these young people quote scripture! Also, we are so thankful for the Bible Bee and the help its been even in our family.

We took some time to go through the Ark. What a great place!!!

The Ark had all their Christmas lights up.

And this picture, a little blurry, shows just how big the Ark is!  Pretty impressive!

Priscilla and Miriam in front of the Ark.

Nate and Hosanna were living in a studio apartment when were there but just got a bigger apartment with two bedrooms. Which they will need come next summer!!! Around June 20th to be exact! So we helped Hosanna clean the apartment. It was already clean but you know how you like to KNOW its clean! They moved in right after we left and Hosanna said she is already enjoying the bigger kitchen and space!

And the sisters together once again for the first time since Hosanna and Nate's wedding. We sure missed them!!! And its hard not knowing when we will see them next. So thankful for phones!!

On our way home we took a few hours to spend at the Creation Museum. I've been there before but I just love this place. We really enjoyed the 4D theater of the six days of creation. Their bookstore is pretty awesome too!

With a trip that long, you need to eat out and we enjoyed Steak and Shake which we don't have up here. We also did a lot of Christmas shopping.

Okay, my family groaned when I said I wanted to go to a corn maze but they went along with my passion for that kind of thing and we visited the Rader family farm. Their maze was closed but their gift shop and food stand was open. They let us look around and we got some great ideas and enjoyed some good fellowship.

When we got home it was hunting season and Arthur got the two deer he was wanting. So our freezers and pantry are full despite the difficult fall for gardening and farming.  We never did get all of my father-in-laws beans harvested and none of the flax.  We get so many flax calls in the fall that finally we just quit answering the phone. People just didn't understand that with 12+" of rain, the fields just weren't good for driving in. Hopefully nobody's septics will freeze this winter.

So now, after a good Thanksgiving, we look forward to all the activities of December.  The house is decorated and warm and I can smell the corn chowder Priscilla made for supper so I better go.  Don't forget to be thankful every day for the blessings God sends your way!