Saturday, June 22, 2019

Early June

Okay, Mike, and Amos' dog Holly, got in a fight with a porcupine! Mike got it the worst and it took a long time to get them out. Like 100+ of them!

We finished cutting the maze. Like a few minutes before it started to pour! Yeah! I'm so glad to have this part done. It's a relief knowing that it came out right!

VBS was so fun this year. It was nice seeing the grandkids and their cousins together.

Eli made a great captain in the skit and Krystal made the perfect stewardess with her safety speech she gave each day with Joanna as her assistant.

Our theme was "Kids on a Mission" with a mission theme. We also taught the children how to tell the wordless book for themselves.

We did a bunch of babysitting grandkids last week and they made a "Cousin's Creation Museum" with things they found outside.

I had been wanting to work on sewing with the girls sometime, and finally we had time to learn a little bit. I had Esther start out with a doll blanket.

Anna made a doll pillow. Little sister Grace will enjoy her birthday gift from her sisters!

(More VBS) Here's Anna showing the verses she learned!

Miriam and Priscilla did registration and the memory verse contest.

Priscilla dressed up for the different country we learned about each day. Hosanna played piano. Neither Hosanna or Priscilla have been at our VBS for two years so it was nice having them.

We decorated tee shirts for a craft and it was so nice seeing all of them at the program.

And one of my favorite lessons was by my brother-in-law Bruce who got Aaron and Cedric up to talk about the military since both boys dads are involved in the military. Here they're demonstrating a crawl and it was so cute!

Well, Miriam just dished up some ice cream to celebrate the end of maze cutting so I need to go. Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Spring Planting

Plant maze pumpkins - Check! Twenty-seven varieties from big ones to Cinderella pumpkins, white pumpkins and little pumpkins. Plus my new favorite, the Kakai pumpkin which has hulless seeds. Also some gourds and squash.

Plant petunias - Check! Hosanna and Ella split the flowers up in flats.

Couldn't do it without such great workers!!!

Lots of sore muscles!

Jenna picked up the empty packs. This job is typically given to the youngest person on the crew.

I wasn't actually out planting but I'm told that it sounded like 4th of July with all the semi trucks and cars that honked at the workers!

Arthur digs the holes with his three tine, "Hoe, hoe, hoe!" Miriam drops the four packs after the other girls split them into the flats. And the rest of the workers plant a four pack and then jump up and run to the end of the line and start all over with another four pack.  It works great!

Plant our garden - Check!
Plant all the field crops - Check! Wheat, flax, soybeans, corn.
Plant flowers at home - Almost done!

What a relief to have the big spring planting projects done!
We so appreciate the gorgeous weather God has sent our way! We could use rain, but seeing how other states are struggling so bad with too much rain, we can't complain.  

Next on the agenda is VBS next week. Then we really need to go full speed to get the maze ready.

Meanwhile, we give Hosanna advice as she asks about all the wedding prep and decisions that need to be made.  Today she made strawberry rhubarb jam to bring to her future home.

Am I the only one that tears up every single time the wedding march is played?  And it's played
every single day by at least one person at our house!!! Not sure its actually going to be used at the wedding, but for some reason, Hosanna just wants to hear it every single day! Hosanna and Cilla are heading to camp after VBS for a few weeks so she is doing as much of the wedding prep as she can before leaving.

I took one day this week and hemmed her wedding dress. That was quite the project and I made her try it on over and over just to make sure I didn't cut too much off.  Hosanna will be such a beautiful bride and wonderful wife! I always say, a mother works and prays so hard to get her daughters ready for that day in her life when she meets a young man and gets married and when that day finally comes, you feel like yelling, "How dare you get married!" We are going to miss her SO much :( But we are super happy for her! Also looking forward to adding Nate to the family!

Well that's about it for today. Please pray for the farmers around the country who are battling flooding and drought if you think of it.

Monday, May 20, 2019

May - So Far!

First of all, we have been spending a lot of time getting ready for Vacation Bible School at our church. If you're in the area and have children, come on out!  Not in the area, take a vacation and come this-a-way!

My winter project this year was to make a cookbook for Hosanna, and the rest of the girls. Hosanna was wanting some recipes that we have written down here and there before she got married, so we cooked / baked them so we could get pictures, and I assembled them into a cookbook that I gave the married girls for Mother's Day. It's actually a Shutterfly book so they are pricey, and not for sale unless someone really wants to spend a fortune! Anyway, I thought you would enjoy seeing a few pictures of the inside for inspiration of what you could do with your favorites!

Also added in some things I've learned over the years about having company over.

Last week we had our yearly Ministry Training for those helping out at VBS and fair ministry. We are making teeshirts for a VBS craft this year and had the workers at training make theirs.

We emphasis sharing the gospel and counseling for salvation. We don't want children or adults to just "say a prayer" without having any idea of what they are really doing. So, we teach the questions to ask, the verses to share, etc., to make sure children understand. This year we worked on teaching the gospel using a marker board and drawing the gospel out with illustrations. We also went over the wordless book which we are going to be teaching all the kids to tell at VBS this year.

What a fabulous group of young people!!!!!!!! I love these guys!  They are awesome! They have such hearts for God and desire to serve Him! They have such godly wisdom for their age! They are so fun and a joy to be around!

We went over songs that we are singing at VBS.

Lots of visiting!
Then in the evening, the young people came over to our house for games and snacks. We learned how to play group juggling which was so fun for a group that size!

And a blog post wouldn't be complete without a picture of grandchildren! This was taken on Mother's Day. I love how Martha, the middle girl, is sucking on Ilana's finger! These three girl cousins are going to have so much fun together someday!!

Tomorrow is another big day - petunia planting!

So, hope you enjoyed the long post. May God bless you all and give you a great week!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

New Babies!

New little Lydia being enjoyed by her sweet sisters!

Lydia is Aaron and Naomi's little girl. 

Last night we had a baby shower at church for Rebekah and little Ilana. Great Auntie Linda got the honors of holding Ilana.

And Ilana will be one well dressed girl with all the fun clothes she got! Happy Mama, happy baby!

Tomorrow our family is on lunch at church. Hosanna is making birds nests for dessert. At least we can pretend it's spring!

With three fairly new little babies in the family, we've been doing a lot of babysitting. 

Arthur got me a new sewing machine for Christmas and I finally had time to get it out and test it out. It has an embroidery feature that I can't wait to learn how to use. Meanwhile, I just made an apron to test it out.

Okay, I know this was a short post but I really felt like I needed to do a post, even without a lot of words!  Have a wonderful day enjoying God's blessings everyone! And if you don't have a place to go to church tomorrow, visit ours!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Our first congratulations goes to Hosanna and Nate! He surprised her this week by knocking on the door and giving her a beautiful ring! 

We are excited to see what God has planned for this awesome young couple!!! Hosanna is just beaming these days!!
Then a big congratulations goes out to Amos and Rebekah on a gift from God - an adorable little girl - Ilana Joyce!!!

She is such an adorable little girl with lots of dark hair. What a joy she brings to the family!
Okay, this might be boring to most of you but Miriam and I cleaned the pantry this winter! It was getting so bad and after Miriam painted most of the shelves, and we chucked a bunch of stuff, you can finally walk in the room! I'm so glad for this little room of ours!! Then Arthur built some extra shelves on the short wall you can't see so that was a blessing too!

Last Sunday we celebrated both Hosanna and Priscilla's birthdays by having the relatives over.

Like always, the ladies hang out in the kitchen!

You can't have a party without a large game of Dutch Blitz!

Can you guess what song the grandkids are illustrating? We enjoyed having them stay here when Rebekah had the baby!

Arthur has made a lot of trips out to the forest to get wood for next winter. Big pieces for this stove, little pieces for another stove! Around here you can buy an area that loggers have cleared off to get wood. Some of it is kinda scrappy but its fairly easy to get.

Yesterday Naomi and Aaron stopped by with the little ones and they showed us the cakes they made for the Homeschool Fair.

So that sums up the last few weeks.  Now we wait for Naomi to call and ask to watch her children so she can have their baby!

Have a wonderful day everyone enjoying the blessings God sends your way!