Monday, June 26, 2017

It's a Girl! & Happy Birthday, Miriam!

Little Grace Maria has some very excited sisters!! This little girl will be so loved!!

And the happy auntie! Miriam is wearing her birthday jewels made by Esther and Anna who have been staying at our house while their mom is in the hospital with the baby. Isn't she adorable!

Aimee and Ella got the idea to throw a birthday party for Miriam so that's what they did at their house yesterday. I am so thankful for Miriam. I don't think there are any girls out there who work as hard as she does with as sweet of an attitude. She radiates Christlikeness, and has a strong desire to know God's Word. Sorry, I couldn't find a husband for your gift ;) If anyone knows where he is, send him this way :) I hope you have a wonderful day, Miriam! 

Ella made sure there were lots of balloons and the kids were happy about that!

Amos and Shiloh at the party. 

And another sweet picture of little Grace.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, June 23, 2017

We're Done!

On Monday we started cutting the maze and by Wednesday morning we were done. Yeah! Sore muscles and all, its nice to have that part done with and it seems "right". I guess we'll have to wait for an aerial to see if it really is! Next on the list is to get the parade float ready among a list of other things.  

We spent Father's Day at my parents house this year. My dad is a great "griller" and he makes the best chicken! I'm so thankful to not only have a great dad but a great father-in-law as well! God is good! While my dad has not always been the man he is today, he was just the man I needed growing up so I'm thankful.

Other things - Miriam is leaving to join the girls at camp in a couple of weeks so we are busy trying to get a lot of things done. I'm not sure I can handle all the girls being gone and still work on maze stuff, but God doesn't give us more than we can handle, so I guess I'll handle it!! After so many years of having girls helping with the cooking and cleaning and gardening and laundry, etc, I'm not sure I can do it anymore! I told the boys they might have to live on frozen pizzas and they were pretty happy so I guess we'll live!

Meanwhile, we wait for Naomi's baby to be born.
Meanwhile, the hay is growing and so baling hay is just around the corner.
Meanwhile, life goes on.

Have a wonderful day everyone while enjoying God's blessings!

Friday, June 16, 2017

VBS & On the Farm

VBS for 2017 at our church is officially over! It was such a fun week! I know we've had a lot of fabulous workers over the years but I don't think we've ever had this many at one time! Can they ever sing! And then you add a ton of kids, and well, it was great!

I've got a bunch of pictures to share with you including this adorable one of  Esther in her cowgirl outfit. How blessed we feel to have the grandchildren attend, plus all the extended cousins, aunts and uncles!

Arthur was not only the director but did daily "Cowboy Talks" on difficult subjects like, "How do I know there's a God?",  "How do I know God loves me?", " Why do so many bad things happen if God is so loving?" and more. The kids listened really well and hopefully will feel more confident in their walk with God. There were so many other good lessons too and several children got saved and many more made other important decisions on things like praying and reading their Bibles.

A big thank you to Hannah for taking pictures! The kids loved the covered wagon from the maze. Well, it was uncovered part of the week but eventually we got the top on.

Matthew did a lesson on controlling the tongue using Eli as his horse!

Rachel enjoyed telling the story of Samuelito everyday. Of all the VBS lessons, year after year, the kids seems to enjoy the missionary story the best. It could have something to do with how it always stops at an exciting point, making you come back the next day to  hear what happens!

For a few years now, we have done a theme skit each day. This week, Josh and his sister Abby were Snidly and Jane in our skit. They were the bad guys that did got saved in the skit  today at VBS!

I so enjoy watching Isaac and Heidi!

Arthur's old boots made great offering containers!  

Miriam and Hannah,  an occasionally Abby, kept attendance records and wrote down who said what verses for the contest. It's not an easy job!

I just liked this picture of Josh, and that's why I'm putting it in here!

One day this week we had a wind storm with 70 mph gusts. There's were lots of trees down in the area and this tree was very nice in falling between our house and garage! It made for extra work for the guys because there were trees down on the fences all over.

Our water balloon shed over at the maze blew over. We were going to do some work on it this year so I guess we'll jsut have to do a little more than we planned!

I saw this cute calf with her mama last night and had to snap a picture. I love how protective those mama cows are!

And then here, out of order, is the official skit picture.

So, it was a good week. I am so thankful to God for all the blessings he sent our way including holding off rain during breaks, keeping the children safe, providing leaders, etc. A big thank you to those that helped!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Amos' Story

I'm not sure how many of you have read it, but Amos and Rebekah's house building story has been featured on the Maxwells blog at  I thought some of you might enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


We have VBS at our church next week and your children are all invited! Also, if you think of it, please pray for a good week, with easy to understand lessons, safety, and decisions that need to be made. Thanks in advance!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Basic Ministry Training

We just spent the last two days having Basic Ministry Training at our church.  We go over all kinds of things having to do with ministries including how to teach lessons, share the gospel, lead songs, deal with children, etc. Our main focus is VBS and the fair ministry.  Here's Abby H. taking notes.

Last night a bunch of the group came over to our place for a small campfire and testimony time around the fire.  What an awesome group of young people!!  I was told they were up late, but I slept through the noise!

We've split up a bunch of the songs at VBS so different people are leading different songs. Here's Jeshua with one of his that he's leading.

Arthur does a great job teaching!

And here's the great group!!! Minus two that we're here when we took the photo. All of these kids have such a heart for God and desire to serve Him. It makes the training so easy!

We gave them time to  say verses to earn points for their teams at VBS since they don't have time during VBS week.

It's been really hot the last couple of days! We had frost two days ago and then yesterday it got up to 88 degrees! We were melting, so its nice that our church basement stays so cool. 

The first assignment is to pass the wordless book teaching. Really, its just a simple way to learn how to share the gospel and once you learn it, you can easily do it with just your Bible.  For those that learn that, we move them on to counselling. That's a bit harder but equally important. Basically, we want them to know what questions to ask, and how to listen, to really make sure the child, teen or adult, understands what you're teaching them. We want to make sure a child doesn't respond to the gospel just to please their leader, or for some other reason without understanding what their really doing.

Again, it was a great couple of days. I am so thankful for these awesome young people and can't wait to see where God leads this group in the future! Those that come to VBS, June 12-16, are in for a real treat as these guys have their lessons down, their skit is hilarious, and they are ready to have fun! Thank you, parents, for doing such a great job training them!!

Monday, May 22, 2017


I can't believe how long its been since I did a post on this blog! I'll try to do better. Things are just so busy this time of year. I'll give you a glimpse!
Okay, this is one of Isaac's cows but its to show that we've had a lot of calves born in the last month or so. I love how the little calves hide under their mama's. You gotta love this lady's horns too :)

Last week we headed out to the maze and planted the pumpkin patch. Miriam and I marked where each plant should go with a flag, and no, we didn't get the rows perfectly straight :( 

Eli helped plant the seeds. We planted about 15 different kinds so we'll see how it goes.

And here it is, about 214 hills. Still waiting on one kind of seed so that number will go up just a bit. Last year the guy who sprayed the corn field sprayed the pumpkins too. We're hoping that all the flags will tell him that its not corn! The maze got planted and the field got rolled so that's always a relief. In fact, all the fields are planted for 2017. Most are my father-in-laws but Arthur keeps busy with it too.

Today our crew planted the petunias. It was a rainy day but there were no complaints. Rachel helped Hosanna divide the flats up.

Happy faces, mud and all!

Hard at work! A big thank you to the stranger who brought the crew each a cup of hot chocolate from Holiday! It was well received!!

Isn't this about enough to melt your heart! So cute!! Isaac and Aimee stopped by to help a bit and Heidi came along for the ride!

And one last picture. Ethan followed behind the crew picking up the four pack plastic pieces and flats. Not an easy job either! So, thank you everyone for your hard work!! You are all awesome!  God is so good to give us such fabulous workers!! Let the weeding begin!

Have a wonderful day enjoying God's blessings!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter and Bathroom Re-do!

We had my family at our house this year for Easter. I was a too busy to take a lot of pictures but I got a few. My sister Kim brought these adorable "nests" for all the kids, as well as Cherries in the Snow and a Caramel Apple Dessert. Mmmm! This was after we had a very nice service at church this morning celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord!

After a big meal, you need to sit back and relax!

This is my Uncle Norman holding his great, great niece Heidi.
Backing up a bit, our project for January / February was to redo our downstairs bathroom. And how badly it was needed! Well, we didn't get it started until early April and then we really had to hurry to get it usable by Easter. This is a before picture. There were actually mirrored doors over this tiny closet.  Cracked mirrored doors! In layers, there was lath and plaster, wallpaper, foam, old linoleum, and some paneling.  I know this will grieve a lot of you, but I suggested Arthur put the sheet rock over all the layers. For some reason I love knowing the history of the house is buried for future re-doers to find! On the top left you can see where there was probably a light at one time. We always wondered what the switch was for in the kitchen, and now we know!  It's a plug in now!
We had a lot of problems with pipes breaking, plumbing leaks, wiring challenges, unsquare walls, etc.

And this is how it looks after we got done. I didn't have time to stain the shelves. I kinda like them like this. Anyway, I don't have time to change them for now so it will have to do. The things that were in the closet now are stored in the baskets. Spray paint make the toilet holder and towel rod match the dark woodwork. The paint is called Canterbury Cream. I wanted to do a tile floor but it just didn't happen this time.

And this is the rest of the bathroom. Arthur cut the mirror down and added a frame. I also spray painted the light fixture. We couldn't fit sheetrock behind the toilet so we put milkhouse board behind the toilet and sink area. There are still a few little things we need to do, but I'm just happy that it looks so much better than before! I'm thankful for a handy husband as well!

When we moved into this house about 26 years ago, this little corner off the kitchen was the laundry area. We moved the laundry upstairs, best thing we ever did in this house, and made the little bathroom with supplies we could afford at the time. It was really nice for little ones who struggled to make it to the bathroom fast enough as it's the only bathroom downstairs. 

Don't you just love the cute little chicks on the shelf?! Yes, Priscilla, that's your mug I used!

And the big metal flower came from Hobby Lobby.
I really wanted to get rid of the old pocket door which was a thin hollow core door. I found an old house door in the garage from years ago and it worked just right for the bathroom. A little paint and it looks as good as ever.  Someday I'll stain and varnish the other side because it doesn't look too good right now.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend remembering the victory we have in Jesus! Just remember, we can, and should be celebrating it every day!! Have a good one!