Monday, October 24, 2016


One day last week when the grandkids were here, we had them remove seeds from pumpkins for us.  Little Jubilee really enjoyed it.

Whenever she got a seed in the bowl she got so excited!

David washed the seeds, sprayed the pan, and put the seeds back on the pan.

Then he gave them a hefty dose of garlic salt and into the oven they went.  They were delicious!  

Our church had a shower for little Heidi and Bodie, another baby born close to Heidi.  It had a fall theme so Hosanna made a spice cake with penuche frosting.  

It's not fall for Arthur unless he gets out duck or goose hunting.  He an Matthew each took one shot and got fourteen ducks total!  Even if they hadn't gotten any, they still would've had a good time because these cousins always have a good time together!

It's was two weeks ago today that we had our last maze day.  We took about a week to clean up the maze, finish the garden, and clean the house.  The house was really bad after ten weeks of neglect!  Then last week. Like every other year, when things are all done, I wander the house. I could clean, but it's already clean. I could do this or that. But somehow, after going, go, go, go, day and night for so long, its hard to get back into the everyday life routine. Nothing seems to have a pressure time on it like the maze always did or seem quite as exciting. It's time to get the fall / winter projects going.  A little painting.  A little deep cleaning.  A little craft time. Meanwhile, I need to get bread in the oven. Have a great day everyone enjoying the gorgeous fall day God is sending our way!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Miscellaneous Random Post

I noticed I haven't posted much this fall so I'm doing a photo dump on you all!  We love everyone that comes to the maze but seeing family always makes us smile! I think these two miss working there!

Eli and Josh having a boxing match.  Notice that Arthur is enjoying it too!

Okay, this was posed! And no, that pop and candy in the background are maze supplies, not our standard diet!

We are so grateful for the great workers we have this year!!!! Matthew!

And Rachel!

Did I mention that Isaac got his bear? 




The flowers I got at the Jeffery family greenhouse have grown way better in the new courtyard than they ever did behind the house.

Miriam thought she'd make dried apples out of my apple tree.  Well, there were a lot more apples on that tree than we thought!  Nice big ones!

Miriam also has been busy canning tomatoes, and more tomatoes since she got home from camp.

Miriam works so hard she just had to take a rest in the corn pit :)

Abby helped out some.

Krystal and Hosanna!


Sweet little Jubilee always heads to the sand pile!

Priscilla and Erin.  I couldn't find pictures of the other great workers we have, sorry! Erin's not a worker, in case you were wondering!  Although someday...

The E. family came out one slow day and Josh and Eli enjoyed watching them play box hockey.

Otherwise -
Isaac and Arthur have baled a ton (well many tons) of hay this year!
Arthur has started chopping corn to feed the cows.
Priscilla signed a contract on her book!
Two weeks left of the maze!  Actually, ten out of the next twelve days we have groups or open days!
We haven't had a hard frost so the corn is still green. (Never has that happened before this late in maze history.)
The garden is almost done.
And that's about all!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather God is sending our way!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's a Girl!

With special permission, I'd like to introduce you to:
"Heidi Camille"
8' 8oz and 23" long

I think this little girl has a proud grandpa!

So sweet.  She was born in the middle of the night so the parents are really tired. Although it was long, things went really good.

Aunty Hosanna getting to know little Heidi.  May God bless this little one and may she seek God with all her heart, all her life.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Today is the first day back to school for a lot of kids in the area.  We've been done with homeschooling, last year after 24 years or so, and I wonder how long this time of year will roll around before I will  not miss it.  I miss hunting for the right books and materials for the each child. I miss making out the yearly lesson planners. I miss watching the kids, especially when they were young, excited about fun projects we planned. I miss the good discussions we had when they were older around the dinner table about what they learned that day.  I miss the trips we took when they competed at different conventions. I miss assigning good books to my children to read.  I just miss the whole thing!  Oh well!  After today I won't think about it for another year!

So, if you home school, may I encourage you to continue on. There will be hard days, and yes, there are plenty of other things you could be doing with your time. But when its all over, you will be so happy with investing your time into your children. It is a freedom we have today that we may not always have and the best way to keep a freedom is to use that freedom! Even if it means living on one income, please consider the investment in your children's lives as more valuable than anything money can buy. If it is just too hard for you, consider other methods such as using computer classes or even simplify what you are doing. When it comes down to it, a 6th grade education is more valuable than a college degree if your child leaves home with a heart for God and a love of learning.

Meanwhile, here's a few pictures down memory lane of our school days.

Priscilla's graduation table.

My father-in-law giving Hosanna her graduation Bible.

Miriam graduated by herself at our church.

Isaac's graduation class at our church.

Taking CAT tests. Maybe our kids were strange, but they enjoyed doing these!

The lesson planners! I wrote up daily plans for the whole year. Usually we split up all their work into 130 days which gave us days off and able to quit early in the spring. If we had to take a day off for some reason, they just continued with the next day. We found it a lot easier than doing it by the week.

Going to ACE conventions were always a highlight!
Priscilla dissecting owl droppings.

Okay, this is a really old picture and the kids wanted to make it look like school was the worst thing in the world!

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Steinbach Trip

After all the hard work of getting the maze ready, we decided to take a day off and head up to Steinbach, Manitoba to visit the Mennonite Village Museum. Both Abby and Joshua were here so they got in on it too. Both Arthur and my family background are Mennonite, so this has special interest for us. 

Inside the building they go over the history of the Mennonites with displays.

Outside, there's buildings that were used years ago. This is a sod house. (I'm sure you knew that!) Some days they have everything up and running with people acting the parts. Today wasn't one of those days so we almost had the place to ourselves. 

Inside one of the churches: Priscilla, Miriam, Hosanna, Josh and Abby.

The biggest attraction at the museum is the windmill.  Originally the mill was brought over from Europe but someone burned it down a few years back. It was rebuilt to look like the first.

The windmill was up and running and Arthur had a good visit with the man running it.

We missed this on previous visits so we made a point of finding it. It's a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Abby was a bad student in the schoolhouse and drew a mean picture of the teacher!

Arthur and Josh enjoyed the animals and barns.

Since getting back, the guys have been busy putting up hay.
Meanwhile, we are getting ready for another weekend. Have a great weekend enjoying the blessings God has given you!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Miriam's Summer

Hi! Miriam here, as some of you may know, I spent most of my summer in Wisconsin working at Northland Camp, so here are a few pictures from my summer. This is "Camp Lake".

I worked in the kitchen all summer which I really enjoyed! Augie was the camp cook and told us all what to do. We had a bunch of volunteers help throughout the summer so I got to work with a few new people most weeks.

Mr. Jon (Bladine) was the Program Director and did a lot of the staff training.

Dr. Ollila spoke  during staff training and during the family camp weeks. I really enjoyed all the preaching and was really encouraged in my walk with the Lord.

Here I am in front of the Timberside dorm, you can see a part of the dining hall on the right for those that have been here.

I went to Northwood's Chapel for church all summer. One of the pastors there taught dad when he was in collage, so that was neat.

I had my birthday while I was there and Lisa, one of the girls I worked with, took me out for ice cream. 

A rainbow over the chapel one evening after we had a rain storm.

One Saturday they took all the staff to an iron mine and that was really fun.

Our family went to the mine one time about 18 years ago and I have a picture of me here then too. 

We always served buffet style. This is on a weekend when it was just the staff.

The junior campers stayed at Pioneer Village across Camp Lake. I got to share my testimony with one of the girl cabins up there for their evening devotions.

At Pioneer Village they had one tepee set up and every day the cabin that said the most verses got to sleep in it. I had a great summer and learned a lot, and would love to do it again! I'd go into more detail, but we're kinda busy so I gotta go.