Thursday, August 25, 2016

Steinbach Trip

After all the hard work of getting the maze ready, we decided to take a day off and head up to Steinbach, Manitoba to visit the Mennonite Village Museum. Both Abby and Joshua were here so they got in on it too. Both Arthur and my family background are Mennonite, so this has special interest for us. 

Inside the building they go over the history of the Mennonites with displays.

Outside, there's buildings that were used years ago. This is a sod house. (I'm sure you knew that!) Some days they have everything up and running with people acting the parts. Today wasn't one of those days so we almost had the place to ourselves. 

Inside one of the churches: Priscilla, Miriam, Hosanna, Josh and Abby.

The biggest attraction at the museum is the windmill.  Originally the mill was brought over from Europe but someone burned it down a few years back. It was rebuilt to look like the first.

The windmill was up and running and Arthur had a good visit with the man running it.

We missed this on previous visits so we made a point of finding it. It's a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Abby was a bad student in the schoolhouse and drew a mean picture of the teacher!

Arthur and Josh enjoyed the animals and barns.

Since getting back, the guys have been busy putting up hay.
Meanwhile, we are getting ready for another weekend. Have a great weekend enjoying the blessings God has given you!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Miriam's Summer

Hi! Miriam here, as some of you may know, I spent most of my summer in Wisconsin working at Northland Camp, so here are a few pictures from my summer. This is "Camp Lake".

I worked in the kitchen all summer which I really enjoyed! Augie was the camp cook and told us all what to do. We had a bunch of volunteers help throughout the summer so I got to work with a few new people most weeks.

Mr. Jon (Bladine) was the Program Director and did a lot of the staff training.

Dr. Ollila spoke  during staff training and during the family camp weeks. I really enjoyed all the preaching and was really encouraged in my walk with the Lord.

Here I am in front of the Timberside dorm, you can see a part of the dining hall on the right for those that have been here.

I went to Northwood's Chapel for church all summer. One of the pastors there taught dad when he was in collage, so that was neat.

I had my birthday while I was there and Lisa, one of the girls I worked with, took me out for ice cream. 

A rainbow over the chapel one evening after we had a rain storm.

One Saturday they took all the staff to an iron mine and that was really fun.

Our family went to the mine one time about 18 years ago and I have a picture of me here then too. 

We always served buffet style. This is on a weekend when it was just the staff.

The junior campers stayed at Pioneer Village across Camp Lake. I got to share my testimony with one of the girl cabins up there for their evening devotions.

At Pioneer Village they had one tepee set up and every day the cabin that said the most verses got to sleep in it. I had a great summer and learned a lot, and would love to do it again! I'd go into more detail, but we're kinda busy so I gotta go.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Maze Update

Well, here it is. It didn't look as good as I had imagined it to look, but we'll live with it!

We've been so thankful to have Josh, our nephew, helping out this summer. He is an awesome worker!  This was taken a couple of weeks ago. Now the corn has already tasseled.

Eli has also been helping out this summer. Eli's strong point is he has unlimited energy! He can work, and work, and work from sunup till sundown and wonders why everyone is tired!

Arthur had a boys workday at the maze so the boys got a good workout. Actually, we have so much to do that if there's any men out there that have a few free hours, Arthur wouldn't turn you away! And I'd probably feed you and give you a family season pass!

Another boys work day photo. Arthur likes to pay his helpers in fun, and fun they had!

This is on a fence post by our house. I keep moving it away, but it keeps showing back up!

Arthur is the hardest worker I know! Here he's working on a farmball game at the maze with Mathias' help. A big thank you to Mathias, too, for all his hard work on the farm this summer.

Meanwhile, Miriam is home!!!!!  We missed her so much! She jumped right in and did some painting over at the maze. The other girls have been cleaning out buildings and I've been doing paperwork - season passes, game cards, contest cards, signs, etc.  We open next Friday so there's lots to get done.  We would appreciate people praying for us!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Oh, did you see the gorgeous sunset clouds God gave us this evening!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hay Days

We have a red squirrel problem around here. So, when Cilla saw a red squirrel, laughing and daring her to get him, she did.

Raspberry pie. Blueberry pie, Peach pie. Or Blueberry peach pie? They are all so good this time of year!!

Arthur has really enjoyed having Eli and Josh here to help this summer. At least when they help :) 

Actually, they are very hard workers even when we're having long hot days in the field.

And so it goes at Green Pastures Farm. Have a great evening enjoying God's blessings, Everyone!
Miriam, we miss you!!!!!! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yesterday's Parade

The first thing you'll notice is that this is not the float we used in the Warroad parade. First, it was the ugliest float you ever saw. Second, Arthur didn't want to take a tractor down to Roseau this year. So, we made it easy and dressed the car up for a "Road Trip" theme.

Some of our normal workers were gone and so we got some help from these young boys. Aren't they cute with those smiles!

Priscilla braved the heat and wore the cow costume and gave flyers out to the workers.

Arthur giving out directions. Don't go too slow. Don't faint from the heat. Etc.

And then we took this picture today to use as a facebook header.  I was surprised at how tall some of the corn is. Some is still pretty short, but most of it will get to a nice height. Even the short stuff will do better now that Eli is out there hand fertilizing it! The rest of the guys are out baling hay! Of course, what else would we do on the hottest day of summer!!

Stay cool everyone and have a wonderful day enjoying God's abundant sunshine!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Raspberry Pickin'

I thought Daniel and David might enjoy picking raspberries this morning, and they did!

You can't see it on the picture but there is a smile on that face whenever he found a berry to pick!

"My container's almost full!"

Of course, picking berries wouldn't be nearly so much fun if Grandpa wasn't out there!

And Josh too!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I was over at the maze yesterday and saw Josh enjoying the "new" little tractor.  It's been great for cutting maze trails and mowing the maze yard.

Arthur, Eli and Josh all have their own cowboy hats they wear around here. After moving them here and there to keep them off the counters, I finally had my cowboy put up some hooks for the hats. Eli's actually wearing his so we put an old one of Arthur's up just so you could see it. I kinda like the look!

We miss you, Miriam!!!

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Farm Camp 2016

Barn cleaning day at the farm camp. Normally not a fun job but when you get a group together, it makes it hardly a chore at all!

The most handsome man on earth!

The hardworking guys who filled a manure spreader to overflowing!

There were some fights out there! ;)

Some mud fights. And I won't tell you who did made Ethan look the way he does!

For Mathias, this is something he's done a lot of times. Notice the smile while he works!

The whole crew with their farm camp tee shirts.  It's been a fun week! A big thank you to those that came and did devotionals, helped with cooking, and for those that prayed for safety this week!
God is good!