Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's a Girl!

Karen and Silas had an adorable little girl born this week! Christy Elizabeth who was 7# 15 oz.  What a blessing from God!

Aunty Hosanna and Christy.

Aunty Miriam. We tried so hard to wake her up so we could see her eyes open but the little sweetheart just slept and slept.

Aunty Priscilla.

The happy grandpa!

Earlier this month, the girls and I sat glued to the computer watching Arthur's calves sell at the auction. 

We headed up our church's Valentine's Banquet and Hosanna and Miriam made the balloon bouquets.

It was a family Valentine's party so knowing we would have a lot of children, we ordered pizzas and had a salad bar.

It was a fun evening and the older kids and young adults did the serving and cleaning up as well as the program.

Sarah and Priscilla did doorprizes and had some fun games to figure out who got them.

The young people sang. It was especially fun to see how they were singing from their hearts with so much enthusiasm! I love all these young people and so appreciate all they do for our church!!

Don't you just love their happy faces while they sing!

And more happy faces!

Marie took family pictures of everyone that came!

I feel so blessed.
God is so good!
I know there are hard times in life which makes it even more important to cherish the good times He sends our way!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Early February

Last week we had the privilege of watching Aaron and Naomi's three oldest for a few days. As a girl, Priscilla had these Indian dresses she lived in, and is really excited now when her nieces love to wear them! They also dressed up in some clothes from the "dress up trunk" so we could have a tea party all fancy dressed like.

I had no idea when I made homemade play dough that Aaron would play with this stuff for hours! He just couldn't leave it alone. It made for some easier days watching this little guy!

The kids loved getting sled rides too! Both Arthur and Eli read lots of books to them as well.  So, it was a busy week, but fun.

Other than that, we've had some colds in the house ;(

We've been working on the Valentine Banquet at our church this coming Sunday. You're all invited! It's on the 12th at 6:00 pm and is for the whole family. We'll have a banquet meal followed by a program. Please RSVP though if you come!

Arthur has been diligently getting cattle separated and making plans for shipping the calves on Thursday. A yearly highlight! We won't have as many to sell this year because he is saving most of the heifer calves.

I really wanted to do more Bible memory this year. The last few years I've been doing various verses in the Bible but really wanted to tackle a passage. I decided to go through Scripture Memory Fellowship and learn the Ten Commandment passage, Exodus 20:1-18. I'm sure I've learned it before, but still have so much trouble remembering from day to day what I learned the day before. Teach your children a lot of Bible memory when their young! I'm convinced that those who learn their Bible when young remember so much more than when you wait till you're my age to learn it!

Well, you all have a wonderful week enjoying God's blessings!
Count them, and name them one by one!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Snow, Cold, Snow, Cold

January through March are my "house" months and I have a few projects that we're tackling. One is organizing the office a little better, which includes a new coat of paint. Thank you, Miriam!!!
 Daniel has been over to enjoy a game of Clue with the Aunties and he enjoys holding Heidi while playing! I love these grandchildren so much!!
We've had a lot of snow, and really cold weather so I have just been enjoying home days with gratefulness that I don't have to go out! Someone needs to go out of this door though and unplug the Christmas lights on the left side.  I think I'll get Eli to do it ;)

I got a beautiful journaling Bible for Christmas. I'm using it as my "Heirloom Bible" and intend to write my testimony, answers to prayer, how verses have helped me, etc, as a gift to a future granddaughter, someday.  It makes me look at things a little different as I read it, and I'm enjoying the different perspective of "what can I learn and share about this with whoever gets this". How can I encourage future generations in their walk with God? What can I do to encourage them to get saved if they're not? I was encouraged listening to the Bible Bee this year to pray for future generations, so that has been an interesting focus for me in my prayer life as well.

Otherwise, there isn't a whole lot of anything newsworthy to write about. Arthur and Eli work hard to keep the animals warm. Priscilla works hard on her book. The other girls work hard either here or the other places they routinely go.  Life isn't easy here in the northland, but I so love the long evenings and cool, crisp air to breathe. I love the crunch of the snow and the promise that summer will come.  Did you know when it gets really cold you can see mirages on the lake?

Meanwhile, you all stay warm, and enjoy these precious days that God has given us.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas! (just a little late)

I meant to post our Christmas greetings a few days ago but the days just flew by. So, I guess this is New Years Greetings or something. Anyway, have a wonderful day in the Lord!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our Family Christmas

We had Christmas with our immediate family on Saturday. I made sure to get a picture of each family this year and so here's Silas and his family.

Isaac and his family.

Amos and his family.


And Naomi and her family.

The last few years we've gotten together for brunch but this year we did a noon meal. These four loved that they had their own special table, customized with Arthur "made" stools!

Remember all those stockings? Well, the kids had great fun finding out what was in them. 

Sunday night we headed west to go to Aaron's church's Christmas program where they had two of the cutest angels around!  Anna did have a crown and sash but I caught her after she was already taking them off.

So, that leads up to this week and next, which are going to be really busy. We have some overnight company coming so we're cleaning up the house, finishing wrapping up gifts, etc.

Yesterday we had a cow get her leg stuck in a round bale feeder. Not sure how she pulled that one off. Anyway, Arthur got her leg out, and it doesn't seem to be hurt bad, but the cow won't stand up now. If you think of it, would you mind praying that it gets up? We sure would like to save this cow.

The weather has warmed up for a little bit, and so we're getting a little more snow. It's actually nice having it too cold to snow!
Have a wonderful Christmas this week, everyone! Remember to take time to celebrate the baby, our Savior, the one who left His home in Heaven, came to earth as a little baby. Lived, and died, and rose again for us!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas

I couldn't remember what I said about the Christmas craft show Priscilla and I did, but it went really good. We sold mainly things we sell at the maze with a Christmas twist to them.  

In an effort to downsize this Christmas, I bought everyone a stocking to fill instead of wrapping all the gifts.  The grandkids already love the stocking wall and with nametags on each stocking, they have fun seeing whose is whose. (Or is it who's is who's? :)

Isaac and Aimee cut me a real tree this year.  I love the smell. I love how "real" it looks! I had an extra string of lights so they went out in the courtyard that you can see through the door.

A few years back my dad made me this angel. It needs a new coat of paint, but I still love it and we enjoy hearing the angel playing her harp when the wind blows. We've had about six inches of snow since this was taken.

Miriam had two special little helpers this week helping to make Christmas cookies. It's like seeing Naomi when she was small all over again!

Arthur usually buys my groceries since he goes to Roseau every week for jail ministry. I told him to just get me a bunch of "stuff" to mix together. He did, and here's our Christmas mix. Fast and easy!

Meanwhile, Arthur has been really busy keeping the cows warm and the water from freezing up.  He sold a few calves and thankfully the price has gone up from a year ago.  The big bulk of the beef calves we'll sell in January.

The girls told me I had to do Christmas cards this year after skipping last year. I gave in, and today I've been addressing them and inserting the letter Priscilla wrote. She definitely has a way with words that I don't have, so I'm glad to turn that part over to her.

With the new year just around the corner, I've been thinking about the past year. It was much easier than last year, which was one of those, "I hope it is never that hard again" year. God has been good and faithful both last year, and this year. He always has been, and always will be, even if things don't always seem like it. With that said, I look forward to Christmas, and another year to see what God is going to do. Both in our family's lives, and in the nation, and world. It is an exciting time we are living in!  I joyfully look forward to the Lord's return!! Maybe this Christmas!!

Have a great week, Everyone! God loves you!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Roseau Holiday Craft and Vendor Show!

If you need something to do this weekend, and don't want to deal with the crowds at the stores, come on out to the Roseau Holiday Craft and Vendor Show, Friday from 9 - 6 and Saturday from 9 - 3. The maze has a booth again this year.

Priscilla will also have her Adventures of Amy series for sale at the vendor show!

Meanwhile, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! God has been so good to us and given us so many blessings. Don't forget to count them!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Early November

With the gorgeous fall weather this year, Arthur's been having fun taking different guys / grandsons out goose and duck hunting. In fact, he's not even deer hunting this year. He's just too busy and if he does have free time, he'd rather duck hunt.  Arthur is also busy, with Isaac, moving cattle to where they'll spend the winter, getting the barn ready for winter, and butchered some cows. He works long, about fifteen hour, days. It will be nice when winter actually comes and so he will have a few more hours to get some rest.

Arthur also finished chopping the corn maze last week. He's been chopping each day since the maze finished to feed the cows fresh silage.

Meanwhile, I've been working on a few projects for the Roseau Holiday Craft and Vendor Show.  November 25th and 26th if anyone wants to come!  These are large Hershey bar snowmen. 

These are the adorable mini candy bar snowmen. These are fun to make! Plus they are just so cute! I have a few more things to hurry and get done before the show. Hosanna and Priscilla embroidered a bunch of dishtowels for me to sell as well as maze Granary things we'll have to sell.

 Priscilla also just headed south with her cousins to work at the National Bible Bee.  There aren't many places she loves as much as the Bible Bee!  Miriam has been spending the last few days cleaning our garage and trying to at least make a path through it! Maybe we can even park a vehicle in it this winter! There is so much hunting and fishing stuff, plus bikes, camping gear, wood pile, tools, farm supplies, etc. You get the point. I wonder how many American's actually are able to park in their garages? We are definitely a nation of "stuff".

Well, I gotta keep going. Have a wonderful day enjoying God's blessings!