Websites to Visit

These are our favorite online places to shop and find out information:

SHOPPING  This is where we buy a lot of our "health food".  They are a christian based business so you won't find tons of new age type stuff here.  You need to be a member of a group to buy from them but they have groups all over the midwest, maybe other areas too.  You can find the nearest group and buy through them if you are interested. This is usually the first place I go to when buying christian books or movies.  Not only are their prices good, they usually let you read a chapter or look at a book or watch the movie trailer before buying.  A great feature that often saves you the money by not being surprised at what you're getting.  Even when buying from somewhere else I will go here to read that chapter or whatever. This is where my husband likes to shop! Lots of military surplus, clothing, fishing, hunting, all that kind of stuff.  The warehouse is kinda neat to go to as well. This is the place to go for those wonderful honeysticks. Much better than other places that sell them.  They also sell some craft supplies for candles, soaps, etc. This is another great christian bookstore worth checking out.  They have a little of everything. If you love to garden, you need to check this place out!  They sell seeds in large quanities at great prices! The place to get all your biblical creation materials!  I am awed by all the wonderful products that have come out in the last few years on this subject!  If only they had had them when I was young and being taught evolution in school.  What a help it would've been! A great place for those non-fiction Bible study books everyone should have.  They also carry biographies, children's books, tracts, etc. Okay, this might seem strange to a lot of you but the nearest Walmart is like 90+ miles away from us and sometimes it's just easier to order something than drive that far! The place to go to get great character building materials.  They also carry lots of biographys and other helpful books and products. A site with not only helpful articles but materials you can buy on marriage, childraising, homeshcooling, fiction, etc. The place to buy all those wonderful, gorgeous reprinted books of the past and some of those books on audio.  These books are especially interesting for us because my grandfather sold some of these very books at his bookstore, before he was even married, back in the 1930's! This site has lots of discounted books and videos.  You need to "join" buy as a school but being a homeschool counts.  While they have lots of secular books they carry many christian books. This is the old BMA Bible memory program.  We love the preschool ABC Bible memory book with a verse for each letter of the alphabet and nice pictures.  They also include a poem or something to go along with each letter.  The place to get little "stuff" for VBS, Sunday School, crafts, carnivals, weddings, etc
. Similar to the Oriental Trading Co. No, most things aren't made in the US but that's the name anyway! Resonable place to get pictures pirnted including nice calendars.

OTHER This is the place to go to enter Bible Bee!!  Also the place to go to learn about the Bible Bee, learn how to host a Bible Bee, videos and pictures from the National Bible Bee, etc. This is the best place I know of to get a christian view of the news.  It is very professional and covers world and national news with video clips, store, christian news, and the top stories.  They will also send you a daily top stories in your email if you want. Another good news site similar to One News Now. Again, another good news site similar to those above.   They also put out a biweekly news paper magazine.  Also ones for children with news on their level of reading. This is a great news site for highschoolers.  They have weekly quizzes on the news so the whole site would make a great Current Events class for your highschooler.  If you have any questions about milk or other dairy products, want dairy recipes, or dairy promotional products, this is a great site. The place to go to see if there is a cornmaze or fall activity in your area!  I suppose you can figure out why this is on this list! A great place to find a recipe, watch a video clip on how to do some specific cooking thing, etc.  Also has recipes and things from their magazine online. Want to support our troops?  This site has available lists of what the soldiers would like in a care package and you can go through different branches or by state and find some troops to send a package to. Gives you up to date information going on in government and gives you a place to email your congressman. Great computer backgrounds and free e-cards to send with a spiritual emphasis