Monday, March 17, 2008

Priscilla's 11th Birthday

Priscilla, our St. Patrick's Day baby, is 11 today and as you can see, her cousins Elizabeth and Rachel are spending the day to celebrate it with her. We're so glad for nieces and nephews that love God and that they live close enough to be our children's friends. Priscilla is different then our other children. She has blue eyes when the others all have brown and she loves to talk, be sociable, is very creative, and loves life. We're so glad for her and pray that God will use her life in a special way and that she would grow up to be a godly woman. Happy birthday, Priscilla! We love you, Dad and Mom

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  1. Happy birthday, Priscilla! Now that I know how old you are, I can put your age in our book with your family picture. :)


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