Monday, May 5, 2008

Back to Normal

Friday we spent all day at our church getting ready for graduation. Saturday we spent all day at the church for the graduation and open house and attended one other graduation. Yesterday Evangelist Ross Crowe (who spoke at graduation) preached a couple of really challenging messages and then we spent the afternoon helping my sister with her open house for Natalie. Needless to say, we are all worn out today and are laying low. Well, that is us girls are, the guys are fishing for Northerns with Ross Crowe who is a fishing guide when not preaching. We have leftovers from both Isaac's and Natalie's open houses so cooking is off for the day. It feels so good not to go anywhere. One other noteworthy thing that happened yesterday was the three inches of fluffy snow we got over at Sandy Shores where Natalie lives. It was beautiful and we're really glad it melted fast. Only in Minnesota does that kind of thing happen in May! We also had four extra little children with us yesterday and we managed to find time to run them through the barn. They were so excited to see a new calf still wet from it's birth. It's something they won't forget for a long time. Have a great day in the Lord!!

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