Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another Hay Day!

The guys finished cutting hay for this week. Isaac couldn't resist crashing on the ground and the dogs decided he looked like a nice pillow! I would guess all the hay they've been cutting will be ready to bale on the 4th. It seems to happen that way quite a few years. Arthur, Silas, and a cousin also went and did a bunch of fencing. Branches are continually blowing onto the fences and dead trees fall on them so there's always walking the fence lines to do.

The girls and I weeded some more in the garden. It's a good thing we did not only because in a few more days we wouldn't have been able to see the plants, but because we just got a downpour so it's going to be really muddy tomorrow. Priscilla talked Amos into helping her set up the pool so that is in progress. It takes a good day or two to fill it with water.

I am not the kind of person who loves the hot heat like it was today. I started to complain about it and then realized how foolish we people are. We complain about the cold. We complain about the heat. We complain about the rain. We complain if it's dry. We complain if it's windy. I'm sure God must be really frustrated with us. So I'm really trying hard to quit complaining about the weather. No matter what the situation, we can always find something to thank God for. I'm thankful it was nice enough for the guys to get the hay cut. I'm thankful for the thunderstorm and downpour because it might get rid of the bullflys that are bugging the cows and horses. By the way, I learned today that the reason the small crick that runs through our property is called the Bulldog. The bullflys were know to the old timers as bulldogs so that explains the swarms of them on our property. Have a great evening!

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  1. I've tried to quit complaining about the heat, but it was quite hot the past few days!!! I think I slipped a couple times...


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