Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Processing Strawberries

Yesterday Isaac, Miriam, Silas and Priscilla went to pick strawberries at a strawberry farm. I told them I didn't need too many so they picked 10 5-quart pails!! We froze a lot, ate a lot, and Miriam made about 15 trays of strawberry fruit leather. It's so good!! Miriam is my "harvest girl". She loves to make any kind of fruit leather, is good about processing fruits and vegetables, and even enjoys canning. Her great grandmas would be proud of her!!

By the way, the picture was taken with my camera that Isaac fixed. He took the entire thing apart and I wish I had a picture of all the pieces it broke down into. It makes a person respect the inventor of the camera. It also makes a person wonder why they cost so much when their just plastic, screws, and a few other small parts. One spring and screw never did get put back in! Anyway, it works okay if you hold the battery cover tightly. I'm so grateful to him!!! I don't seem to have very good luck with cameras. I've had two stolen. One I left up at Fort St. Charles and that disappeared. And now I broke this one. Oh well, I'm glad it works now.

Naomi called and said clubs were going good. We had strawberry shortcake last night for my mother's birthday (Yes, we brought the strawberries). Arthur managed to get lots of round bales yesterday.

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