Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Word From Dad - Arthur

(Dad was out round baling straw yesterday. We love seeing the nice round bales come rolling out of the baler)

Every five to six months a dairy inspector is due to come and inspect our barn, milkhouse, and equipment. You never know when he might come during that time or slightly before or after. You just have to keep your things clean and be ready. If it gets later in the time, the kids (who also end up with a little extra work in preparation for the inspection) wonder why he forgot about us or isn't coming. Somehow he always comes when we're not expecting him. (Yes, we do keep the barn clean the rest of the time too!)

Today, 8-18-08, while we were busy working on putting up hay and straw he came.

The Lord is coming and we don't know a time or day but we know it could be soon. Then it's inspection time. Are you ready to meet the Lord? If you haven't trusted Jesus to forgive your sin and save you, you'll fail and be eternally miserable. If you have you'll pass but are there things in your life that you'll be ashamed of when you stand before Him? Maybe it's time to do some cleaning up in our lives. Believers works or lack thereof will be judged. I hope you're ready.If the farm fails we may be shut down. if you fail it is an eternal loss. Confess, and clean up.

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