Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Iron Farm Show

One thing our family has always talked about doing is going to a farm show so we went to the Big Iron Farm show on Tuesday and spent most of the day looking at huge tractors, combines, and other machinery. There were also quite a few buildings with exhibitors, many giving out candy much to Priscilla's delight. I was happy because there was a huge craft show, for the farmer's wives, and even though I never bought anything, it was still enjoyable.
Arthur enjoyed trying out the New Holland Boomer which made really tight corners. One of the clues we gave the kids was that there would be thousands of people where we were going. Isaac was a little leary because he assumed it would be a downtown city-type thing but they all were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the farm show.
What's a farm show without a tractor pull?! This was a modified tractor pull so the drivers could make whatever changes they wanted to their tractors. I doubt John Deere would've even recognized their tractors as some looked so odd!! Everyone loved this and agreed it was a great two-day getaway. So that was our trip for this year. Oh, we also ate out at some new-to-the-kids places, stayed at a motel where the kids went swimming since we had the pool all to ourselves. (by the way, I made a mistake and posted these in the order we did them which is in reverse for the blog. Sorry! You might want to read them backwards!?)

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