Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yesterday Isaac took Hosanna, Priscilla, Silas and a neighbor boy fishing. It was really windy so they fished in the Warroad river.
Now I'm not sure why Isaac has a paddle in his hands but I thought it was a nice picture of him. They did catch about 25 fish even though some were really small.
No, Silas doesn't drive the boat, Isaac does that. Hosanna had Silas pose for this picture and I thought it was a nice one of Silas too.

Today is 30 degrees cooler than yesterday! It rained, or should I say poured, almost all night. The good news is, the barley harvest was finished yesterday and is in the grain dryer. The winter wheat is history and as soon as it clears up the guys will probably turn their attention to oats or spring wheat. There's a couple of small fields left to get second crop hay off of as well.

I love fall but I find it long and hard. It seems the field work and gardening goes on forever. We will take a short break for our "Mystery Vacation" though which is really needed. The guys especially are getting really tired which is one reason they went fishing yesterday. Harvesting is necessary though if the cows and us want to eat this winter. It's good symbolism of the souls that need harvesting. That isn't easy either and should continue till we die. I guess that's one reason why heaven is referred to as our eternal rest. Rest is really needed after harvest time. Maybe you know someone that you need to help "harvest"? Today would be a good day, after all it might "rain" tomorrow and be too late.

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