Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guess Who Flew In?

Mr. and Mrs. Berntson flew in today, right into Warroad! Now that might seem funny to a lot of you but no one ever flys into Warroad unless they're on business. I guess this was business now that I think about it! Mr. and Mrs. Berntson are the Child Evangelism Fellowship directors our older children have worked for many years now and have had a big spiritual imact on their lives. They came up to set them up for teaching a couple of Good News Clubs this winter. Their pilot is one of the CEF board members so that was an extra bonus. It was enjoyable for us and them as it kept them from having to drive six hours on the road.

Naomi posted her article and then thought we should maybe put something above it so I thought I'd share about our fly-in visitors. pause. I just stopped for a minute to light a strong candle. Isaac might be getting rich off of skunk furs but this house smells!!!! He tries his hardest to keep his clothes and boots outside and wears gloves but somehow the smell gets in. I'm sure we smell when we go out in public and that's sad!! We're actually thinking about praying it will snow soon so they will hibernate! And not only does Isaac take care of his skunks, everyone has heard he is "collecting" skunks and calls him when they have one! But, the weather is nice out so I gotta go take care of the last of my carrots. Have a great day in the Lord!

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