Monday, October 27, 2008


The girls and I, along with a couple other ladies, started doing some redecorating at our church today. Hosanna and Miriam did a lot of work on peeling off the hall wallpaper. The rest of us helped just enough to appreciate all the hard work they did! We're planning on painting it white like the rest of the basement.
A couple other ladies worked on painting over the seafoam green, from the '80's, to a nice white in the church nursery.

Naomi and I worked in the guys bathroom. There was old wallpaper to strip off and now it has the first coat of sage green paint. I wonder if the guys will even notice!!
We came home to all the beef cows up by the house in the horse pasture. They looked so cute lined up eating silage so I had to take a picture. I think there's about 100 of them somewhere in the pen. Tomorrow all the beef cows need to be tested for TB so Arthur and the guys moved them up close to make it a little easier.
Priscilla stayed home to get some school done, which she did. She also made bread, cookies, soup, and made supper tonight as well. I was so happy! She also spent the day listening to Christmas music. (We did get a few flurries yesterday!) Tomorrow we'll let you know how the decorating is going and how the TB tests went. have a great evening!
By the way, we're so glad to have Hosanna, Amos, Rebekah, and Daniel home!! Today is also Naomi's 21 and a half day :)

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