Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things Are Slowing Down...

Now that the gardening is done and plowed under, and the fields are too wet to finish, things are slowing down. It's been a beautiful quiet day! Naomi made some homeade noodles for the chicken soup. I canned some chicken soup stock yesterday and saved some for a nice pot of soup today. There is nothing better than homeade noodles in soup, at least as far as soup goes.

Amos, Rebekah, Daniel, Hosanna and Benjamin should be home later this evening. We've been praying that the snow and freezing rain will hold off till they are safe and sound back here in Warroad.

Arthur and I did some "exploring" today for some friends of ours. There's a certain piece of property they are in the process of buying with a big barn on it. So we went and took some measurements for them and explored. If they make the big barn into a house, it will be really big! It will also be a real savings since it's already insulated, wired and plumbed. If they choose to build a house, they will have one really nice barn for horses, cows or whatever. Anyway, I love exploring. It was something as young girls my sister and I, and often some friends, would do. There were always old houses and barns around to explore it seemed. Looking back, I'm not sure my parents would've liked us doing the things we did but we survived and never fell into any basements or old wells.

One thing we noticed in this barn, was that the people who lived in the house nearby, which is long gone, seemed to leave whatever they felt like in the barn. Things that at one time had value and cost hard earned dollars were now tossed carelessly around for mice and racoons to destroy. We waste so much of our lives on things like that. What is so valuable today has no value tomorrow. It's a good reminder to value the things that last - our salvation, our eternal home in heaven, the peace of God, our families, etc. It makes me think we should take time to pray over every purchase to see if it's how God would want us to spend our money. At times I have kept a "needs list" and prayed for those things. It seems God always met those needs and often not in the way I would have met them on my own. Maybe if we would all do this, people that come after us won't see piles of discarded items that no longer have value.

Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!

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