Friday, November 14, 2008

All About Isaac!

Isaac is turning 19 on Sunday and we're going to be really busy the next couple of days, so here's his birthday post a little early! Naomi made the cake today so it's ready for tomorrow night and she wanted you to know that it is almost a duplicate of one she made for him years ago.

Isaac's Favorite -
Hymns - Here am I Lord, Send Me, and Redeemed How I Love to Proclaim It
Books - The Bible, God's Smuggler, and Survival Guides
Movies - The Printing, Behind the Sun
Candybar - Butterfinger
Pizza - 4-Meat or Canadian Bacon
Day of the Week - Sunday
What he likes to do in his free time - Go out in the woods, and explore
If he could go anywhere he'd go to - Alaska
Least favorite food - Bagels
Color - Green
Spiritual Gifts - Mercy and Serving

We love you, Isaac! You have turned into such a fine young man that loves the Lord and seeks to do his will. We are excited to see what God does in your life and pray you will go on to serve him with your whole heart. Thank you for being a good son!

(Just realized the cake wasn't on the slide show like I thought it was so here it is!)


  1. Isaac, you really are a special and amazing young man!! You have so much potential, and I am so excited to see you using it to serve Christ!!! Keep on being a bright light for Him in this world...I'm blessed to call you my cousin!! We love you!! :)


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