Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cookies and Calves

This is a bad picture of me, but as Mom said, "It's good enough for the blog..." I should have gone hunting with the guys, but decided I would rather make cookies than brave the cold. We're having a potluck tomorrow at church and the Miriam and Hosanna made a main dish, Priscilla is making jello, I made these cookies (and am putting a little leftover frosting from Isaac's birthday on them), and Mom made homemade playdough for when us girls babysit, so we had a fun morning all working in the kitchen together - We also made some turkey-shape cookies with chocolate chip eyes just like one of my Grandma's always used to do.

This morning Isaac got a nice doe - this is our last day to hunt and it's his first for this year, so he's really glad! I think we figured this is the twenty-second deer he's shot in his life.
Calves are so cute! Miriam went out and took this picture for us - most of the cows have their calves in late winter, so this is one of the first ones we've had in a while. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Your cookies look really cute...and I don't think it's a bad pic of you!! I have WAAAAY worse ones of me on Such wonderful friends as I have!! :)
    Oh, and the pic of the calf is HILARIOUS!!!! :) Calves are so adorable...I wish they would stay babies, cuz they're so much cuter that way. ;)


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