Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flames ...

Last night Arthur and his dad spent some time working on plug-ins or something on our electric pole, and so, the power was out. Priscilla lit a bunch of candles and some of the kids played games (how many can you count? kids that is) while the rest of us did whatever by candlelight. When Arthur came in they all decided to play hide-n-seek with the lights out (except for me - I would probably fall down the stairs!). Everyone had a good time until this morning when we realized a pipe under the kitchen sink broke from someone hiding under there. Arthur thought he'd be able to fix it but for now there's a nice bucket under the pipe. Maybe tomorrow we can fix that little problem.
This is a muskrat Isaac trapped. I'm not a rodent fan so as soon as the picture was taken it was quickly removed from the house and the table thoroughly washed. It is interesting to study some of these creatures God has made that live around us. Only God could have created things of such detail.
More flames. This is an experiment of Isaacs. He took a wad of sap from a pine tree - about a golf ball size, set it in a candle lid, and lit it. It really burns and smokes so he carefully put it in our front entryway and watched to see how fast it would burn. After a while the lid broke as you can see and finally, after little bits of black something-or-other were floating around the entry he set a bucket over it and put it out. Amazing. No wonder pine tree wood burns so nice in the wood stove. Isaac looked a little like Edison, in the video as a boy, burning something in the school while trying to avoid breathing all the smoke. If only our lives could shine that bright, long, and steady for God, that those around us would see Him in us. Have a great evening!

Matthew 5:16 "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven."


  1. We enjoy playing hide and go seek in the dark, although my children are small so they get scared easy. I bet it was a lot of fun with older children.


  2. Wow, the candle picture is really pretty...and the muskrat picture is really icky!!! :) I NOT a rodant person either...espcially after all the MICE I've caught in my kitchen!!! Ewww...anyway, it looks like you all enjoyed your temporary blackout!


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