Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baking and Babysitting...

For many years, Amos has made our Peppermint Cookies as most people would call them. They are a small peppermint cookie that our German ancesters made and we call them - pay-pa-nait. Or at least that's how you would pronounce it, I have no idea how it would be spelled. We use my Grandma Ortmann's recipe and no matter how many years we've made it, they just aren't as good as I remember hers being. Some people like them hard but our relatives make them soft, it's just a matter of preference. Anyway, this year Silas is taking over and Hosanna worked with him to get the dough just right. It has to be refridgerated so we'll finish them tomorrow.
Meanwhile I made some peanutbutter popcorn. Some of my family is going through the Institute in Basic Life Principles at our church this week and I made the popcorn for a snack this evening. Hey, if anyone reading this wants to attend, it starts at 5:30 each evening - earlier than normal so they don't have to have it on Saturday.

Amos and Rebekah and all our other kids went skating today. We got to watch Daniel sleep for a long time and then Arthur held him and sang to him. Singing or piano playing seems to really calm him nicely. Arthur is still being really careful and I think it will probably be a few weeks (or more) before he is back working. He sneezed today and that really hurt him. The boys are glad to take over for him and things are slower now, so that's good, although the work never seems to go away!

Naomi and Miriam are cleaning for a lady this afternoon and I plan on finishing up my Christmas cards. Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. Wow, way to go Silas!! :) I always think it's great when guys have a basic knowledge of cooking...Jonathan LOVES to cook, and he's actually pretty good! :) Mmmmmm...that popcorn looks soooooo good...wish I could come tonight! :)

  2. Hello from Josiah. Dear Mr. Arthur I am praying that you will get better soon.

    My momma and sister and me made the chocolate chip cookie dough truffles but they make us children hyper so we can not eat too many.

    Its okay about not being able to tell me what to do with my goat leg I will wait.

  3. My family site is www.babyhomepages.net/tenlittleinions

  4. Hello in Jesus name! This is momma Inion here. Your answer to Josiah's question made his day! He is so excited and grateful. I love your idea about posting some native dishes. I will do that soon. May God greatly bless your family!

    Stacey-jean Inion


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