Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lists from Naomi's Journal

You probably all know that I keep a diary, and have for 10 years, and you probably know that I'm sort of a list freak - this year I kept several running lists in my diary, one of which was, "Things I Did For the First Time" - and I'll admit, a few things I did just because I wanted to add something to my list! Some of them also could go under an "only time ever" catagory! So here's a few of my favorites -

posted on a blog
became an aunt
fainted (or passed out - not sure which applys)
was a dairy princess
had a telemarketer call for me
dyed my hair
played 4-square
shot a shotgun
tasted Monster
tried to hit a couple golf balls on a real golf course
played pool
had a cousin get married
had a girlfriend get married
picked Juneberries
made a marshmallow fondant cake
voted for president
stayed up all night just for fun
called someone at 4 in the morning
was a leader at VBS without doing registration!
played a graduation prossessional
had a recital
watched "Smuggler's Ransom"
was told I was enthusiastic (I always considered myself the enbodiment of unenthusiasm!)
ate grape salad (yes, it's worth mentioning)
drove bumper cars
helped Dad do a Somatic Cell count test (this morning!)

Some Places I Went For the First Time -

a cake decorating class
my brother's home
Pembina, ND
Rugby, ND (the geographical center of North America)
Hatton, ND
Edinburg, ND
Canistota, SD
Polo, MO
Halsted, MN (you mean you haven't been to these places either!?)
Roseau County Courthouse
Answers in Genesis Creation Museum
a tractor pull

Some Books I Read For the First Time -

A Rose Remembered
Rift in Time (both by Michael Phillips)
The Coral Island
The Pirate City
The Giant of the North (3 by Ballentyne)
The Silver Chalice
What Katy Did
The Butterfly Farm
Paula, the Waldensian
A Cup of Cold Water
Star of Light
End of the Spear
Flagellant on Horseback (about David Brainerd)
A Loyal Huguenot Maiden (a new favorite!)
How Sleep the Brave!
Cobwebs and Cables
That Printer of Udeles
Persuasion (by Jane Austen)
The Randolphs (by Isabella Alden)

There's also a "People I Met This Year List", but as you probably haven't met them, their names would mean anything to you...there were about 150 on it, but probably only 50 of them are people I would really say I got to know.

According to my "Overnight Company in 2008" list (I keep that for Mom!) we had company here for 20 nights - a total of 22 people

So anyway, I hope you found these lists entertaining...It's been a wonderful year, and with the Lord, 2009 will be too!


  1. Hey! Sounds like you were busy this year. I did a lot of things for the first time as well... Funny.. I saw that you read the Rose Remembered.. What did you think of it? It is one of my favoirite series. I keep meaning to read them again, but have not found enough time. Well, I am off to finish my kitchen, Chris is getting lunch so we don't have to mess it up! God bless you in 2009!!

  2. The "Secret of the Rose" series is one of my favories too! What could be more exciting than WWII, the cold war, roses, smuggling, and a big house with tunnels? I got the first 3 last year and the 4th one for Christmas - so I just finished it. Happy New Year! Naomi

  3. (and I mean to reread them too - when I have time!)

  4. Dear Naomi,
    What a wonderful idea! I'm reading Persuasion right now - my Christmas gift from my husband. :) Thank you for the lovely list of ideas! I agree that the Secret of the Rose is a wonderful series! Have you read The Stonewycke Legacy - one of the books in that series has some wonderful WWII espionage. I think one of my favorite all time series would be The Russians.

  5. Hi! I've read quite a few Michael Phillips books, but never the Stonewyke Legacy or the Russians...Someday! Naomi


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