Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trip to Winnipeg...

Arthur, Naomi, Hosanna, Priscilla and I took Amos, Rebekah and Daniel and my mom to Winnipeg today to visit my Grandma Giesbrecht who's 92. One of the main reasons for our visit is we wanted to get a 5-generation picture, plus spend some time visiting with Grandma and introduce her to Rebekah and Daniel. She loved seeing Daniel as did the other older people that saw him. It was a real special time and I found as we got closer to Winnipeg I still felt like I did as a young girl - anxious to get to "Grandmas". We didn't stay long because she gets tired really fast and it was time for her lunch. She was happy to hear that her grandchildren were saved and enjoyed listening to Arthur read a passage from John 15 and the girls played some Christmas hymns on the piano for her.

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  1. Wow, 5 generation pictures are pretty rare these days!! What a treasure...your Grandma looks like such a sweet and godly lady...I'm sure she's VERY proud of you and all your AMAZING children!!! :) Love you all!!!


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