Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School...

If you look below, we've added a few more snow pictures. It's just so pretty I couldn't help but take lots of pictures. Some didn't venture out to church yesterday and I would guess they hadn't plowed their driveways yet. All together we got about 12 inches which is the biggest snowfall in one day that I can remember for a long time. I especially like the close-up picture of the snow where you can see some of the individual flakes as they were sparkling. Isn't God good to make such detailed things for us to study and awe His creative power over? What a joy to know we can have our sins washed white as snow! We have an old cassette tape of Lester Roloff singing "Whiter Than Snow" and it always comes to mind when we get a new snowfall.

We've had a nice break and today it's back to school. Somewhere at a homeschool convention I heard a piece of wise wisdom. "Don't be a slave to the books. If they don't work - get rid of them." Now obviously you don't toss books out but neither should you use a book all year if it's just not doing the job. I bought some writing books for all four of the children still in school. It's too hard for Silas and Priscilla, so I'm putting them aside for a later time, and starting all over with something new. It's an e-book titled, "Writing Tricks". (I know that should be underlined but somehow blogger doesn't give that option) Anyway, it goes back to the very basics of writing sentences. Somehow I failed to make my younger two into good writers and I hope going back to the beginning will help. (I'm not sure Isaac learned this really good either- time will tell) It's basically taking grammer rules and parts of speech and making them into "writing tricks". So today we worked on #1 - Dialogue. It was fun, and I look forward to seeing them make progress.

Anyway, thanks for letting me go on and on about school. It's a big part of my life I guess and my family gets tired of hearing me extol the virtues of education!! Have a great day!!


  1. Camille,
    Where did you find the Writing Tricks curriculum? We need something different for Nathan too.
    I appreciate the input!

  2. Hi! I bought it from It's not a "christian" book so I think a person would have to sift through a little of it. They have some good samples on their web site. If this works good then I want to get their essay book as well. Thanks for the pictures of Amos, Rebekah, Daniel and you all!

  3. Your Welcome! It was nice to be on the sending end. Thank you for the information on the writing. I shall check them out.
    Happy New Year! We love you all!


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