Monday, January 12, 2009

Cuttin' Wood ...

We heat our house with wood and usually we cut enough for the winter when the fall work is all done. Well, the fall work was really slow this year due to the weather, and when we finally scheduled in a couple of days to cut, Arthur hurt his ribs shipping calves. So we've been doing it a couple of days at a time - not the best way to heat your house but it works. Maybe when this cold snap is over we can get the rest of the winters supply now that Arthur is recovered most of the way.
The girls went out to help Arthur this afternoon after they all went skating. Arthur enjoyed getting back on the ice and my kids enjoyed having him along. Don't trip, Priscilla!
Nice armload, Hosanna.
That's our house in the background.
Arthur using his Husqvarna to cut dead trees. Thanks Miriam for the pictures! By the way, did you look at our weather this week? Brrr! Have a great evening in the Lord!

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  1. Wow, that looks like a lot of work...of course right now I'd be thankful for ANY type of heat!!!! Our weather isn't quite as bad as yours, but tonight the low is supposed to be -13, and Thursday the high should be -1. Add to that all a 20mph wind, and it's pretty cold. Brrrr....


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