Saturday, January 17, 2009

Working in the Kitchen...

It's our turn to fix lunch for church tomorrow so we've been busy today. Miriam's been working with making bread.
Hosanna is frying hamburger for the chilli we're making.
Nomi made lots of no-bake cookies. What did I do? Well, I bought the groceries and cut the onions.
Here's some of the finished loaves. We figured we needed about 8-10. Normally everyone plans for about 100. When we first started making lunches that seemed pretty difficult to plan but now that we've done it for a couple of years I think everyone has adjusted pretty well at cooking in this quanity. If we ever have to, and times get really hard, I think we could probably run a soup kitchen!
I looked out the window a few minutes ago and saw the neighbor boys, my nephews, sliding down the barn roof. Our kids used to do that and had so much fun. Eventually they had to quit afte we got a lot of holes, from nails, in their snowsuits. Priscilla also has a two inch scar on her knee from the tin cutting her through her snowpants. Still, it looks like fun! It's warmed up a lot but it's cloudy and we've had about an inch of snow. It feels good.
Well, have a great weekend living for God!


  1. That bread looks amazing!!!! Now I'm hungry... :)

  2. Wow, that bread looks FABULOUS!!! :D You've got to stop posting good looking food pix!!! It's not a very nice thing to do to a poor pregnant girl... :) Luv you!

  3. Yum - I've really got to try baking french bread - is that what it is?

  4. No, this isn't "real" french bread. We just used a normal bread recipe but like this "look".


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