Friday, February 20, 2009


Isaac and Caleb decided to have a little fun with a cow they butchered! Okay, it's just a head and feet but the guys insisted I post it. Have a great evening - we will!


  1. Very Funny!! We all got a good laugh out of that one! Victor said that you ought to make a postcard out of that picture and publish it. I'm sure that we won't have quite as much of a fun evening as you all!!
    Love you all, The McCanne's

  2. oh my goodness!!!! I thought that was an ALIVE cow at first!!!! hahahahahaha

  3. Very funny guys! Very creative too! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks! Miss you all
    Amos and Rebekah

  4. That one really made us do a double take! The tongue hanging out clued us in to read further and find out what was going on! Yuck! This trick is a winner.....made the guys in our house laugh!!!


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