Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mom's List Coming to Life

This is Silas cleaning "the pit" - You mean you don't have a pit in your house?! - it used to be the outdoor entrance to our basement, and now is the indoor entrance to our basement and the place where barn boots belong. It's a great place to hide if you're playing Hide-n-Seek in the dark! Silas got the job of cleaning it because us girls don't like to go down there...

Miriam shampooing the carpet in our parents' bedroom - Mom was getting tired of it, so she taught Miriam how.

Hosanna cleaning out the silverware drawer - a couple years ago Dad put the dividers in for us and we love them!

Me - washing Mom's candles and the candle shelf. Everyone cleans house (or should) and so I'm not sure why we're putting pictures of it on, but I guess it's something you can all relate too :) We burn candles a lot, but it seems like it only takes a couple days on the shelf for them to get dusty - That can be our spiritual thought for this weekend - Don't let your Bible, or your your relationship with God "get dusty" - it only takes a couple days for it to happen!


  1. I guess maybe it's encouraging to us to see you all cleaning. :) Either that or it makes us grateful that it's YOU cleaning, not I really SHOULD go do some cleaning tho...the house has kinda started to fall apart while I've been sick. I'm not sure how 2 people can go thru so MANY dishes either!!! >:\

  2. Man, I would sure love some of that good help!!! :) I love the silverware drawer. If/when we move, I am going to do that in my drawer. I have wanted to do it here, but since we don't know if we are staying or not, I figured I would wait.


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