Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow and Valentines...

"Most people don't know how tragic this is," Naomi mentioned today. She was referring to the rain we've been having yesterday and today that is leaving big puddles everywhere. The snow is disappearing and it looks so muddy and dirty. But, seeing as it's only early February, we know it will get cold, freeze, and once again snow. I think it's the first time this winter we've prayed for more snow so our company next week can enjoy the wonders of living in northern Minnesota!
One of Naomi's friends that only comes through the area once in a while, came over today. Other than doing lots of visiting and looking over pictures to catch up, they made valentine cookies.
Keep a steady hand, Naomi.
Naomi is making some for her piano students and other special people!

A few days ago the girls babysat a few adorable children and the parents gave them a "Speed Stack" game. It's been sitting on the kitchen counter and everytime someone walks by they can't help but try to improve their score or beat Hosanna and Isaac who hold the record. There's certainly room for improvement but it definately an addicting type game.

As for Isaac, he dropped a set of pliers down a hole the other day in about 20 of water. He went back today and used a magnet to fish it out using the same hole. One time they dropped an auger and they managed to get that out as well.


  1. You should see it here...we really don't have ANY snow left!!! It' been nearly 50 degrees here several days, and the other days have still been in the 40s. I can't BELIEVE it's only the middle of February...it's going to be really SAD when it goes back to being freezing and snowy!! I kinda like the spring-like weather... :) I didn't know the Hunters were back!! How long are they in Warroad for? I just sent Julie a letter a few days ago, but that was to Neche...

  2. Oh please come and make pretty valentine cookies here.. we are way out numbered with boys that rather eat then see the pretties. Just kidding.. Your cookies are wonderful. Tho, you are welcome anytime.

  3. Beautiful cookies...I wish I were so talented. I've often thought of asking you to host a cake decorating class, Naomi!

  4. Rachel, Julie and her familiy flew in and out. I believe they are headed back to ND today.

    Beth - I think the only reason my boys like them decorated is because if their name is on one, no one else can take it!

    Shelly, Naomi isn't here but I would guess she'd like to do that someday. It's a great skill to learn.


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