Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a Good Week!

Jordan and Naomi posing for a picture - again! We've taken so many pictures this week that I've had to change my camera's batteries three times! We celebrated Jordan and James birthdays today with angelfood cake and strawberries.
After church today we went over to the DQ for lunch. In addition to taking lots of pictures this week, we've also eaten a lot!

We don't normally post on Sunday's but since our company leaves first thing in the morning I thought we'd post these final pictures and ask everyone to pray for their safety on their long trip home. We appreciate them so much and the sacrifice they made in coming this far just to see us! We've had so much fun and packed a lot into the last week. All afternoon the kids have been thinking of creative ways to get their mom to let them stay longer! Everything from having Naomi wreck their car (she's using it tonight) to forgetting their computer so they have to come back for it. Oh well, I guess that 's a good thing - it shows we get along really good and have sweet fellowship! Thanks, Pecks! We have enjoyed having you here and our door is always open!


  1. How did you find out it was Jodan's birthday? It was a secret and no one was supposed to know. Someone let the cat out of the bag, and it wasn't the McCanne's.
    Have a safe ride home, Peck's, we're praying for you and love you all. God bless.
    The McCanne's

  2. Looks like you all have had a fun time together...good friends are SUCH a blessing!!! :)

  3. Naomi knew before they came when their birthdays were!


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