Thursday, March 19, 2009

Creation Seminar, Teeth, and Spring

Last night was the last night of the Creation Seminar we had at our church. Mr. Hanson did such a good job and no matter how much we've heard about creation, we always learn new things. After we got home last night, we talked about how we would answer people if they asked us things about creation. While we know a lot, we decided it wouldn't hurt to go to lots more creation meetings!! Both Arthur and I missed a few of the meeting due to the flu that's going around. Mr. Hanson also got to teach in three classes at our local public school which we thought was neat.
Mrs. Hanson taught the same things to the children. Earlier in the week she had almost double the number of children so she was really busy!
The book table set up in the back of the church. For someone who loves books, this was really fun. I was able to pick out a few good books for the church library. One of my favorite parts of a seminar like this is listening to the question and answer times. It was also nice to see people come from all over to hear the Hansons.
Naomi and her cousin Reuben paused to have their picture taken. Do you see the similarity? Their both missing a tooth! Naomi has a fake one that comes out and Reuben just lost his in a game of hockey.
Spring is finally coming! We had a couple of really nice days that got the water running.
After the water ran and made a huge puddle on our corn field, it froze really hard last night. I think it got down to 2 degrees or something. Anyway, the kids had to go out and do a little skating and even enjoyed the obstacles! (Manure piles that is)

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  1. I wish I could have been there...Creation seminars are always so encouraging, and I really enjoy learning more on the subject. It looks like you had a pretty good turnout too! Praise God. The more people who learn these things, the BETTER! :)

    LOL, Reuben makes Naomi look so short...he's really getting tall. Is he going to have to get a fake tooth now?


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