Monday, March 23, 2009

Daniel and the Spring Thaw

Arthur enjoys spending time with little Daniel who is now six months old. He was trying to educate Daniel on the art of hunting, unfortunately, Daniel would've rather eaten the magazine than read it.
Spring is finally here although it really isn't all that warm out. In the 30's and low 40's. The little Bulldog River that runs through our property is really flooding it's banks this year due to the large amount of snow we had and the rain last night. On the left you can see our "Prayer Bench" on our walking trail. I don't remember it being in standing water since the flood a few years back. There's still quite a bit of snow in the yard but it's days are numbered.

Other news ... Everyone in our house is finally feeling better. It seems like there are two bad flu strains going around and we had some of both although not everyone got sick. My nephew got the flu really bad. He actually ended up being flown to the Fargo Children's Hospital Sunday morning. I guess today he's doing lots better although he still has a high fever and doesn't feel too great. It's a reminder of how fragile our lives really are and how our lives are in God's hands. Have a great day remembering God's protection and provision!


  1. That is such a CUTE pic. of grandpa and grandson! I love the matching camo!

  2. Sounded to me like there was more involved than just the flu...but I'm glad he's doing better now! Have you seen my latest post?? You may want to read it... :)

  3. That picture is so CUTE! :) Yeah, its the same kind of weather here in PA..its spring, it just doesnt feel like it yet! :)

  4. Hello Camille, This is Stacey-jean. I am here in the SIL mission home with a dear lady who has served God through Wycliff for I think more than 35 years. She is getting ready to board her plane and is very worried because she will have an 11 hour layover in Mineappolis. She flys Manila, Tokyo and then LA and then Mineapolis. So she will be exhausted. Everyone here is praying that God would provide someone or someplace where this dear sister can rest before she flys to her destination of Waxhaw. Since you are the only person I know who lives in the State I thought I would see if you would have any hospitality connections for this faithful servant. It's evening here but feel free to leave a message on my site if you would like me to skype you about this. God bless you all.


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