Monday, May 4, 2009

Biking and Fishing

Last night Amos and Rebekah and Daniel came over on their bikes. It was such a nice evening and we enjoyed their visit. We could tell with the nice sunset it would be a nice day today and it was.
Today the guys got 29 sucker fish. They're quite ugly and you can see by their mouths why they call them sucker fish. You go into the river and catch them with nets. Isaac even caught two by hand! They are really good smoked but the guys just took all the bones out and we'll fry them up like other fish. You can only catch them for a week or so a year.

Isaac is busy cleaning fish while Amos visits with a friend of ours that went along fishing. With the J. family, Mr. J's brother, and the friend that went along fishing, we had 21 people here for supper. It's never a quiet place! And we love it! As much as Arthur and I always felt it would be nice to live off in the middle of nowhere, God made people to be people, people. He wants us to fellowship together and help one another. Have a great evening!


  1. Where are the fish when they can not get caught? Josiah

  2. Well, Josiah, no one really knows for sure. We do know that they come up the rivers in the spring to spawn, or lay their eggs, and then they go back into the big lake and no one seems to catch them all summer. It could be that they go way up into the island area of the lake where no one around here fishes or Isaac thought it might be because they don't eat minnows which most people fish with. They prefer to eat off the bottom of the lake and eat things such as clams, crayfish or worms.

  3. is that fish ALIVE in that picture!!?!?!?! It looks like it!!! :)


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