Friday, June 19, 2009

2009 VBS is Over!

We've had a great week! We agreed that it was the best year we've ever had as far as well behaved children and good workers. Being the last day we decided to do something new this year and we had a smore roast for the boys with a tea party for the girls.
I don't know about the boys, Arthur said they enjoyed it, but the girls loved the tea party with punch and cupcakes. While the boys learned about being godly young men, Naomi did a "Princess Talk" for the girls. She shared with them some of the things she learned as far as how to behave as a dairy princess and then related it to being Princesses of the King. She went over good manners, etiquette, how to behave around boys, etc. and finished with a gospel presentation for those that were not yet princesses of our heavenly King. It was fun later in the day when I saw some girls trying to walk like princesses and not march around like the boys! (an example Naomi used and these are just some cute girls enjoying themselves)

Karen was a great worker and like the other workers, spent lots of time listening to children say verses. Don't ask why the little boy is wearing mismatched gloves! We have no idea why!! I think we had more children say verses than we ever have as well.

Amos gave a lesson on Jesus choosing the 12 disciples and used the "12 Disciples" song to visualize it. All the lessons were so good and I'm always amazed at the guys creativity in teaching them so that they hold the kids interest.

Lunchtime is always the one time of day you can relax, at least for some of the workers. Others get busy getting games going, prepare for lessons, or whatever.
On Fridays we always do water balloon games. The weather cooperated and it was nice and hot so the water felt really good.

Imagine kids trying to catch water balloons as they fly through the air!

And of course tug of war is always a good game. For some reason the kids always want to be on Arthur's side!

We had a program today for the parents where the kids sang about eight songs, said some of their verses, answered questions like, "what was your favorite thing about VBS?", and got final prizes.
Well the week is over and we are exhausted from watching, playing, and listening to 70+ children for hours! We all came home and crashed in the living room. Another year over and we and thankful for the salvation decisions that were made and the lessons everyone learned along with the verses the children and leaders hid in their hearts. Thanks for praying everyone!


  1. VBS week always seems to FLY by...even tho it leaves you exhausted. :) I realllllly missed being there...someday I'll be back! :) Thanks so much for posting pix from the week! I love to kinda "live" it with you all by seeing the pix, and hearing your stories. Btw, the smores/tea party were a really cute idea!!! I'm sure they all loved it. :)

  2. Rachel, I told Hannah that if you get the children, we'll bring VBS to you! I've always dreamed of going around with some of the young people in church and doing VBS's all over for a summer.

  3. well, it looks like your VBS went very well!!!! :) My church just finished with theirs as well. :)
    This was our first year having a group of teens, and it went really well! haha. I just posted videos from it.
    I like the water balloon toss picture!!!:)

  4. Thanks for the fun week! Tracy enjoyed helping, and Melissa (5) is already talking about when she gets to be a helper. (I thought you'd get a kick out of that!) :)

  5. I am so glad things went well! It sounds like it was a lot of fun. Every time I hear about VBS or 5 day clubs I get a feeling of missing out working with all those kids. Doug and Ruth said you had 4 decisions as well. Thats awesome.

  6. Uncle Arthur and Aunt Camille,

    I just want to encourage you, and thank you for all the many hours of hard work that you and your family put into VBS each year! I know it isn't an easy week, but the eternal rewards that you have reaped (and will keep on reaping for a long time!) are not even measurable. May God bless you!!



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