Saturday, June 13, 2009

Christian Youth in Action - Week 2

Hello from Naomi! I hope you all have had as great of a week as we did! For the second week of CYIA, we stayed at different people's homes in Grand Forks (Hosanna and I got to stay with the same couple I've stayed with for several years - it almost feels like home....) and met at a church during the day. Sometimes we went outside on breaks - this is Silas and Roger.

This picture is Isaac talking about Camp Good News at the "graduation" - but more about that later. Every morning after devotions, chapel, and learning missionary stories, each group (we were split into four groups - I was with Silas and Reuben, and Isaac, Hosanna, Jonathan, and Tim were together) got everything ready to teach a 5-day-club, then went through it at the church without any kids - it feels kind of strange at first, but when the real club comes, everyone's glad they had the practice!
Hosanna looking over her lesson for club. After lunch, each group went and taught a real club, then afterwards, one of the Berntsons or the oldest person in each group talked it over and what could be improved on. We had one girl get saved in our club, so that was really exciting! After some more study and another class - everyone goes "home" for supper and is supposed to get things ready for the next day.
Last night they had a graduation/commissioning program - each of the CYIAers do something that we do in club - some lead songs, Hosanna showed how we teach a verse, and I gave a short testimony of things I've learned through CYIA over the years. We got home after midnight and we look forward to sharing with you more about the work in weeks to come!

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  1. I am so glad things went well. We were all talking about how much we missed working with the kids last night. It was so much fun and so rewarding. I will be praying for you this summer!


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