Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Our holiday weekend started on Thursday when Rebekah's family came up. The first thing Nathan and Silas do when they get together is get out the chess board.

Priscilla and her cousins love playing in the pool. It was actually a really safe place to be with all the boy cousins running around with soft air guns!
Our yard looks like a war zone with guys all over with soft air guns.

Daniel loved the watermelon but he sure can get messy in a hurry. The hand that feeds him gets messy too!

It's not 4th of July without the parade and the wonderful bags the kids get filled with candy. For those of us that don't do Halloweeen, it's a great replacement - that is, if children need candy at all! We try to stress sharing!!

A big hit at my parents is always the 4-wheeler. My nephews especially love giving my sister wild rides and we all love listening to her scream! (This was posed!) My dad has all kinds of trails in the woods with fun signs like, Naomi's Plantation, near the trees he planted the day she was born, and Lake Evelyn.

Then of course there's all the good food everywhere we go. Dad's marinated grilled chicken is fantastic!

When Rebekah's family comes up the guys always go fishing, and so, another fish picture.

Couldn't resist a picture of the pregnant ladies - Rebekah, my niece Rachel, and Rachel's mom and Arthur's sister, Louise.

Daniel being loved by his Great Grandma Krahn. (Aren't all grandma's great!!)
So, that concludes another 4th 0f July. We're thankful for the freedoms we still have and are even thankful the Minnesota senate race is over even if we weren't happy with the results. They say Minnesota is the funniest of the 50 states but I'm afraid the election was no joke. Never-the-less, church was a blessing today and God has been faithful. We are always free in Christ. (Thanks Uncle Bruce for that comment!) Well, we have a big day again tomorrow, at least it might be a big day so I better go.


  1. I love the pic of the pregnant ladies, though I have to admit, I am glad I can reach my feet again!

  2. LOL, that pic is cute. :) I'm soooooo glad we were able to come up, even tho we weren't there very long...Daniel and I both want to come up there a spend a FULL weekend sometime. :) It was great to see you all again!!!

  3. Looks like you all had a great time!! I just love the 4th of July!:D

    I have a question---what is the movie "Pendragon" like? Is there anything objectionable in it? Just wondering. :)


  4. Pendragon - The dress is fine, the music is good, there's a bit of romance in it but nothing really too questionable. The worst part for a lot of people would be that there's lots of killing because it takes place during a war time. My guys didn't think it was too mushy if that says anything and the girls just closed their eyes if there was any gore although there wasn't much of that. If there's anything more specific you want to know, go ahead and ask!

  5. I hope your corn maze project goes well! We have friends who did that for several years and I know it was a lot of work, but many people (including our family)enjoyed it.

    I just love the pictures you post of little Daniel! His eyes are so expressive. :)


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