Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Corn Maze Update

See corn. See corn grow. Corn not growing. Patience says Arthur. No, it won't be a good year for corn mazes in northern Minnesota but not to worry, we are the only one in northern Minnesota, (at least for 130 miles). Hopefully people will be understanding when they have experienced one of the coldest summers for many years. Here Arthur is looking around for the best spot to put a bridge. Somehow the place we had originally planned for it won't work. By the way, a bridge is just a high grade deer stand come hunting season!
Last night Arthur worked on putting in a crossing and smoothing out the ground for parking, campfires, etc. As for other corn maze news, our goal is to make it as cheap as possible, and yet nice, in case the whole thing is a flop. We hope to open the last weekend in August and are excited to have the P. family come up in August to help us get things ready. We're working on a list for what we want to include in the concession stand and what we can put in the bale castle. We're also thinking of ways we can use it for outreach to the unsaved as well. We welcome any suggestions or ideas :)


  1. Wow, you guys are really going all out!!! Are you doing much advertising up there? Or mostly just word-of-mouth? I hope your corn starts growing soon...ours is doing pretty well...even the stuff that got hailed out is coming back okay! Now it's just getting dry, and needs rain...

    (haha, the verification word is "unfatoe"...made me wish for un-fat toes again...gotta love the pregnancy swelling!!)

  2. Be patient, Rachel, you'll be rid of the fat-oes before too long!!

    We are planning on doing a lot of advertising although I think word is getting around quite quickly due to the neighbors stopping by wondering what is going on. We'll probably do flyers around town, mail them to all the churches in a large area, put some ads in local papers, etc. Arthur thought up a crazy corn maze song to the Davy Crocket tune fit for the radio, but I'm not so sure about that! Maybe if Jonathan was here to tape it!! It goes something like, "Out in the cornfield there is a maze, you'll want to be there to spend your days, ..." I forget the rest. :)

  3. I have always wanted to go to a corn maze. Too bad I live all the way across the country from ya'll.

  4. i had inspiration in the shower yesterday after reading this entry (inspiration for me comes often in the shower!)

    To make it more Christ centered, but not too over the top and costly, by adding some sort of thing at the end about how we are born into this life, which is very much like a maze and it is our duty and honor to find the path of Christ and make it to the end, returning to our loving Father In Heaven in the end of our journey.

    Some times we may think we are on the right path, only to find a dead end. But there is always repentance (a turn around) so that we can get our unholy bodies back on the right path.

    Just a thought!

  5. We were thinking along those lines as well. Would you believe we found a maze tract that talks about being lost in life's maze?

  6. Wow, I think this is going to be great. Will you have pony rides? In our area, the monet is made in selling hotdogs and canned sodas. Sams Club has good prices for bulk items like soda.

    Also,pumpking painting and scarecrow making are hits at our local mazes.

    There is always popcorn for sale and even old fashioned popcorn poppers....

    Even parking cost a little something.

    Blessings to you. I really hope this helps your sons. It is so costly to but farms today and you guys have a bunch to provide for.

    Almost evryone will buy food and hot cocoa if it's available.



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