Saturday, July 18, 2009

Inspecting Our Work

After a few days of really cool weather, it finally felt good to get out in the sunshine. Silas and I went over to the maze and he walked it with a GPS. I decided to walk the whole thing for the first time and knowing where I was going it took about 20 minutes. Hopefully we can get a picture by air someday. The corn is slowly growing, even though it might not seem like it to those of you south of here - which is pretty much everybody in the US. Okay, I'll let Naomi take over...

Hello! I hope you all are doing well - this week Hosanna and I went to Lancaster, Hallock, and Lake Bronson, MN to teach 5-day-clubs. They all went great - there were over 20 kids every day at the one in Hallock - it was supposed to be at a park, but because of the wind, we had it in a greenhouse a couple days! The kids in Lake Bronson were a little older, and several of them were at Camp last year, so that was kind of fun. Then our last club was in Lancaster and we had a good turn out there as well - one little boy got saved! A couple of the afternoons we went over to the Pankratz' and visited with them some - Hosanna and I enjoyed getting to spend time together and we had a great week....but we're glad to be home!


  1. Oh, I've been LOVING to cooler's only been about 70 the last few days, and the last two nights the low temp was 48!! :)

    Naomi...I vote that you write the next blog post, and make it a certain "story"... :)

  2. A couple of my kids were wondering if you were going to have a get-together so we could all try it out. Did you figure a name yet? I haven't gone back to that post.

  3. Yes, Rachel, you will get that story everyone is waiting for but Naomi is waiting to post some of Hannah's pictures with it. We can't wait to see her pictures! And Daniel's, or whoever took them and edits them!!

    Shelly - I think we'll go with the most votes and call it the 'Country Corn Maze'. That was Arthur's favorite from the beginnning so I guess we were meant to call it that! I don't know what we'll do yet for a get-together. We are doing it to make money but we may have a few families over before we open to try it out and see what we need to change and let them in free for testing it. Please pray for hot weather so it will grow! It's just not a good summer for corn growing but then again, if it's only five feet tall you still won't be able to see other paths so it will still be fun.


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