Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deer Hunting 2009

It was a busy weekend for those at home. Season officially opened on Saturday so the crew all went out while we were in DC. Yes, Arthur felt bad he missed this most important day! Anyway, Miriam hit a deer in the leg. Silas quickly hit it but still it ran. Then Isaac finished it off. So who's deer is it? Who knows, who cares, they just figured they all deserved to be on the picture! It was a nice fork-horn buck. Isaac got a small doe yesterday as well.
Aaron also went out with our crew and got himself a doe, his first deer, so we're happy for him! Good thing Naomi likes venison because it will be in her freezer come January 8th!

If you're wondering why dairy and beef farmers love deer meat, well, it's like this. We get more selling our meat than eating it so we tend to only eat the old cows that don't sell as good. They can be quite tough and are best for hamburger so we love venison to get the good steaks and roasts!

Tonight Arthur, Isaac, Caleb P., Nathan, Caleb J., Benjamin, and Reuben went out somewhere deep in the forest to spend the night and do some hunting. They warned me not to worry if they should stay a day or two or three. They were looking forward to eating catail roots, tree bark, or whatever they might find, or shoot. Isaac said they were all going along to drag the big deer he's going to get out of the woods! Ah, the fun of deer season! For one month straight our house looks like an armory and orange camo used clothing store. That is, two weeks getting ready for hunting and the two weeks of actual hunting, and maybe one week to get everything washed and packed away for another year.

It seems like the last few nights the stars have been out so bright which I imagine the guys will really be able to see in the woods. Somehow being out in God's great outdoors I always think of these verses:

Ps. 19:1-3 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard...

Have a great evening with God!


  1. Aaron actually got a fawn not a doe. MJK

  2. That is great about the deer! We are finishing up butchering Will's deer today (it's still bow season here). 'Tis the season!

    Our house looks like an armory too...and certain storage areas smell like leaves...

    Can't wait to hear about the hunting/camping trip...sounds like it would be a fun, but chilly time! :)

  3. In PA here, the deer season OFFICIALLY starts on the 30th. Everyones gearing up for it! :-D Is there a limit in your state as to how many deer you can get? In PA you can only get one....


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