Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wedding Shower / Hunting

Naomi had a really nice shower Monday night. Her aunts were in charge and Naomi's cousin Rachel organized a "How well do you know Naomi and Aaron?" game. They worked really hard to find obscure facts that very few knew so that was fun. Arlette B. gave a nice devotional and after cake Naomi opened her many nice gifts.
Cara made Naomi this cute cake made out of dishtowels. Very creative!
Everyone watching Naomi open her gifts. Naomi said being on the opening end was way more fun than watching! Peoople were so generous.
Rachel wrote down what and who the gifts came from.

Cake pans, towels, cookie sheets, bowls, utinsels, gift card, wedding album, etc. Lots of thank you notes to write, Naomi!

Naomi's cousins, Rachel and Hannah came up for the shower with their mom and sisters. They, along with Rebekah worked on making the wedding invitations. Thank you for coming so far for Naomi's special day, Louise, Rachel, Kaleigh, Hannah, Abby, Libby, and Elianna!

Last Saturday the guys, along with the J. guys and the M. cousins, went on deer drives. A drive is where they post a field with a few guys and then the rest space themselves out and walk through the woods with the hope of chasing the deer toward the guys posting the field. This is Jonathan J.
This is the whole crew listening to Arthur filling everyone in on what's going to happen. So far I think we've gotten five deer this season.


  1. Looks like you had a fun time Naomi! We wish we could've been there!


  2. Thanks for posting pictures so soon!!! I'm so happy for you, Naomi (and Aaron). :)
    Cora B.

  3. Thanks for posting the pix!! It was a lot of glad we could make it!!! :) It was SOOOO fun to get in on some wedding planning again...that was the saddest part of getting more wedding planning!!! LOL.


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