Wednesday, January 6, 2010

45 Hours Left!

We've just about been living at the church the last couple of days. The guys were very gracious in sending the old grand piano down the road to give us more seating. The new (to us) grand piano we got last year got tuned today so that was a blessing.
We took last night off to celebrate Christmas with Arthur's side of the family. The young guys had a good time comparing ipods and visiting.

The little girls were happy to be together and we all enjoyed the great feast my mother-in-law put on. If anyone went away hungry it was their own fault! Kinda like it's our own fault if we are hungry spiritually because the Bible is full of good food!
This might be the last betrothal picture we get of Naomi and Aaron. This was taken during the white elephant gift opening. What a great way to have fun with gifts without breaking the bank or guessing what so and so would like! The younger children exchange names but those 16 and over are in the white elephant exchange so it works good for a large group.
Yesterday and today Naomi worked on her wedding cake. It's not quite done but it is beautiful!! She is always so creative and this one really "takes the cake" for creativity!

SJ asked how I was taking the wedding and giving our daughter away. Well, you might say it's a bittersweet feeling. This poem my sister-in-law sent me says it all, I'm warning you, it's sad:

A Wedding Poem
A humble cottage 'neath the hill,
Where children laugh and romp at will-
With parents' tender love and care,
How could their lives be else than fair?
Oh, let them all be glad today,
For swift the years will pass away,
And when they're women grown, and men,
'Twill never be the same again.
The wedding bells may sweetly ring,
And glory be on everything;
But when one leaves the dear home nest,
'Tis lonelier for all the rest.
And if they one by one shall leave,
How can the parents help but grieve?
All come and go and love, - but then,
'Tis never quite the same again.
Ah, well! Perhaps 'tis better so,
That deeper meanings we may know.
There is no loss, no grief, no pain,
That may not bring its own sweet gain
And in that blessed land above,
There'll be again one home, one love,
Then one in heart, and one in name,
At last 'twill ever be the same.
Mrs. Frank A. Breck

Sniffle... Well, we'll post again when the wedding is all over and show you that nice cake, the beautiful bride and handsome groom, and all those other details. Please pray for those travelling today, tomorrow, and Friday. Just about all of Naomi's special friends will be there with a couple of exceptions so she's really excited, well, maybe it's the wedding she's excited about! Or it could be that mystery honeymoon she knows nothing about! Whatever! We'll post after it's all over!


  1. Okay, I am crying and peeking outside watching the children sled. We will be praying that this special day is full of worship. How exciting to have a surprise Honey Moon - Wow that is so courageous for both of them. Sometime, when life slows down a bit I want to know how you keep a cake fresh. Do you store in in the fridge? Leave it out? So if you get the chance. If you do not get to answer this for a month I will totally understand. Enjoy these short days together.

  2. I wish I could be there. . .even though I barely know your family, I am so excited for the event!!!

    I do have a question. It seems often the boys and girls are sepperated. Is this true? Is it just by coincindence or is there a special reason?

  3. Looking forward to reading about the wedding! What a special family.

    I just placed a convention booklet in the mail for you today -- are you thinking about attending in Fargo in March?

  4. So you have a wedding in the works..!
    Congratulations!! And will be praying for you all.

  5. We are seperated because we guys like to talk to guys and I'm sure the girls probably like to talk to girls.

  6. It was such a beautiful wedding!! I was so glad to get to have a little part in it. :)

    @TPIAD, if you're wondering about boys and girls being separated in the Christmas pictures, we didn't do it on purpose, sometimes it just happens like that. :) I assure you we all mingle and hang out together regularly!! :)


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