Saturday, January 23, 2010


Silas was out checking for eggs and got a picture of some of the chickens. At least they look like chickens! I'll try to post a video so you can decide for yourself! They actually sound more like turkeys :( We won't be taking these ones to the fair!!!
The guys have been doing lots of fishing and Hosanna was recruited to help fillet them with Silas while the other guys milked the cows. Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow! Remember to pray for Haiti and that some of the workers would use the opportunity to show them Christ's love.


  1. What?! Hosanna! I'm so sorry for you...oh well, you're tougher than people think, right?

  2. I love chickens! I currently don't have any and am kind of missing them. I think I'll get some new ones in the spring. Did I see Isa Browns and maybe a Buff Orpington? Just curious.

  3. Yes, some of them are Buff Orpingtons! I believe the others are Rhode Island Reds. The Buff ones we bought because they're suppose to be really broody. Good chicken ID'ing!! Sorry you weren't here, Naomi, she'd have loved your help!


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