Monday, January 25, 2010

This and That...

While the kids were out playing hockey today, and Arthur was out feeding the beef cows, I worked on library stuff. Here's a few of the new things. The "Eden Strings Quartet" was really good and they're farm girls so that makes it just a little more special! Those into playing stringed intruments would enjoy this. It's not just music, but also tells about the family and their farm. "Click, Clack, Jack" is a children's video. Some might say it's not professional enough, but we enjoyed it. Over and over I hear people criticize amateur videoing but I say, "Way to go!". I love it that people are out there trying to make good clean movies even if they might not have a Steven Spielburg quality. Gotta start somewhere. Yes, it's very clean too. "Seven" is another good Lamplighter book. It's about a man who has seven days left to live and how after wasting most of his life, he tries to finish well. It's sad but very good. A very good reminder that our days here on earth may be short and we must do whatever we can to further the cause of Christ.

We had a nice day of rest yesterday after two great services and lunch together. We watched some of the Vikings game at my parents house. No, we're not "into" football but it was fun to watch and too bad they lost. Then Aaron and Naomi came over and they brought a cake and the game "Shoot the Moon". Kinda like Rook. Oh, and back to Friday, Isaac, Caleb and Priscilla , along with the J. boys, went skiing with the Mittons and our local homeschool group. It was Priscilla and Caleb's first time and they are really, really hooked! Priscilla was brave and went down the Black Diamond. Isaac went one other time when he was really young. Sorry, no pictures!

The weather's been kinda strange. It actually rained for several days - something that hardly ever happens in January up here! Then it turned to snow on Saturday and now today it's really windy. So the roads are bad and there's drifts everywhere. Makes feeding the cows a challenge and hauling manure on the field even more so. I'm so glad for a warm house! And all the cows in the barn are warm and the chickens toasty in their calf igloo we keep them in with a heat lamp and bales around it.

Sorry, P. family. I've been working on a slideshow of some of the hilarious faces you all make whenever a camera is pointed your way, my surprise, but somehow, I can't find what I did with the pictures!

Have a great evening with God!


  1. We just got the Eden Quartet for Christmas this year!! We LOVE it. And we're big Lamplighter fans in this family too. Wow, I love to find like-minded folk. I got to meet brother Hamby here in Alaska October '08' (I'm pretty sure it was that year), on my birthday. My husband gave me birthday money, and that was a special birthday :D And I agree with you, about the movie makers who give us clean videos to enjoy! I can't stand when people criticize that. Kinda like the series by Sherwood Baptist Church. They started off with VERY little. We loved watching the extras and getting to know them a little more personally. Anyways, I can tend to be long....very long, on a comment. So I better get going. Thanks for posting. Have a blessed week.

    Ms. Elsie

  2. Oh, I love the Eden String Quartet!! We don't have the DVD, but we watched it at a friends' house once. :)


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