Thursday, March 11, 2010

Enjoying the Nice Weather

Naomi comes over once a week to give her siblings and cousins piano lessons.  We love having her around!  We enjoy Aaron too, but he doesn't come along for lessons!

Today Amos and Rebekah did some fencing for the cows and so we got to watch the little guys.  David is getting so big!  It's so interesting how both Daniel and David have gorgeous blue eyes and both of their parents have very brown eyes.  Guess they take after their Grandma Shelly and Grandma Camille!  I enjoy watching children and seeing how God combines both parents, and sometimes even grandparents, or aunts and uncles features to make a whole new little person. 
We've finally had some nice melting weather and so we have these huge puddles in our yard.  Miriam thought she'd take Daniel for a "boat" ride.  He loved it!

Daniel also loved splashing in the puddles. 
Guess the neighbor boy was watching because he had to go for a boat ride too.  Only he made himself some oars to maneveur around.  Children and puddles - goes together doesn't it!     A lady in the store told me, " We have to go through this to get summer," referring to the mud and puddles.  Reminds me of how sometimes the greatest victories in our walk with God are after a time of hard, messy work whether it be a trial, a battle to overcome, a struggle to find direction, or whatever.  Isn't God good to send the rain and the snow, and the mud!

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  1. Thank you so much for putting the pics of the grandkids on there! They sure are growing! I thought that David's eyes were going to change, maybe they still will, but they are still very blue! Give them hugs from us! We sure miss them and everyone else too!


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