Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's a Hay Day!

Yes, it's hot but hot days are always good hay days and the guys and Miriam, along with nephews and J. guys are busy making square bales to put up in the haymow.  It's an old barn and so square bales seem to be easiest to feed although they do feed some round bales too.  They sell some to horse folks.  Had a few of the guys in though with headaches and generally feeling lousy because of the heat.  Rest, lots of water and Emergen-C's seem to help and before you know it they're back out. 
A couple of days ago the girls and Isaac went Juneberry picking.  Makes one excited for the blueberries!
Isn't she cute!  Cousin Abby made her the daisy wreath.  I love having bouquets of daisy's on the table this time of year.  Seems like I never have quite enough of my own flowers to pick the huge bouquets.
This summer we're working on learning about some of the wild plants around us.  This is the 'red elderberry' and you can find it along woods, in ditches, etc.  The berries, leaves, and stems are all toxic so don't go eating them!  They bloom really early in the spring and are kinda a nice bush to look at.  They are not to be confused with the common elderberry bush.


  1. The Juneberries are ready? Are they the ones that grow on the trees (or tall bushes?)

  2. Shelly, It's the ones that grow on the trees the girls tell me.

  3. Oh, I like that last picture.


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