Thursday, July 8, 2010


At least the kids think all we talk about is the maze!  I've been really busy working on a few maze things because I know once the end of July comes, the garden is going to need all my attention.  On the left above is some stuff I got for "goodie bags" for our Dairy Day at the maze.  Other than the Got Milk pencil and cheese eraser, I got the things free - a great thing when you're on a budget!  In the middle on the top you can see the postcard we had made with the details on the back side.  They were actually cheaper to make than flyers and we wanted them to be easy to pass out in the parade.  They're very nice and glossy.  Then we're making tee shirts for the workers.  Even changed our header on the maze website to kinda match.  Next year I have someone very sweet lined up to make us an "official" logo, if we do this again! 

The girls headed over to cousin Rachel's house for her birthday yesterday and had a great time.  Thanks, Rachel, for inviting them!  I think they came home with, like, 130 pictures or so but I'll only post this one.

Have a great day enjoying God's blessings!


  1. Did you guys pass postcards out in the parade? Or is there another one coming up? Who is doing your new logo?

  2. Whoops, that last comment was from Rachel...I'm up at Mom and Dad's and I guess I forgot to sign out of Daniel's account. :)

  3. No, we didn't pass out cards in the 4th parade but we plan on doing a float in the Roseau Parade that they have during fair week. I think Emily S. would like to make a logo but we'll see how things go this year.

  4. Oh okay...I was wondering how I could have missed something like that at the parade!! :) Hmmm, I thought it must either be Emily or Daniel. :)

  5. Love the sticker! :)


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