Saturday, October 30, 2010

Honkers, Bulls and Esther

Silas had a lot of fun going goose hunting with some friends.  Don't you just love how they're all camo'ed up in the pits they dug?  This is actually the chopped maze they're hunting in, or at least in the same field.

Nice goose, Matthew!

Yes, they had fun even though they were the wrong kind!  Sorry, C. family, I just had to get that in there!

Daniel and David have figured out that Arthur will always hold them if they want to look at the AI bull books. (books where you can order stuff to artificially inseminate cattle) Lately he's been trying to teach Daniel to say "beef cow" when he sees a beef cow and "milk cow" when he sees a dairy cow.  Confusing but he'll learn with such a patient grandpa.  Daniel especially loves this!

Esther grows sweeter every day!  She loves to eat, in the middle of the night anyway!  Brings back lots of memories for this mom!

The girls helped a few of the ladies at Naomi's church make a few invitations for her baby shower which is Saturday, November 20th, at 10 AM if anyone wants to come.  Consider yourself invited!

We've been enjoying having some missionaries, friends from college days, staying on the farm over at Arthur's parents.  We've sure had fun reminising, learning about their lifestyle, and just plain good fellowship.  A couple of weeks ago we had some other missionaries at our church and that was sure fun too.  I love how when believers in Christ meet it's as if they have always known each other.  Anyway, you all have a good weekend, and don't forget to pray for those in far away places who are spreading God's Word and hope of salvation!

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  1. Congratulations on that lovely new granddaughter. We are missing our granddaughters so much since they are now living 20 hours away in Colorado while their Daddy attends Bible school. Enjoy that little baby all you can! Blessings!


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