Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Horses, and Other Stuff

We sure had fun this last week with the C. family down here for a visit.  Priscilla and Bethany rode horse, and rode horse, and rode horse, for hours.  Yes, Silas tagged along to document it!

I love this one of Bethany.

Like boys everywhere, Caleb loves Legos.  There's been a lot of times I've been glad for that container when company comes over.

Naomi and Aaron stopped by with little Esther so Mrs. C. could hold her for a little bit.    Could be that the next time they come around on furlough Esther will be quite the young lady!

Can you tell I love my grandchildren?  Let me know if you get tired of seeing pictures of them! Naomi said she's already gaining weight and we think her eyes are turning brown already.  Ah, I never get tired of watching their faces make such cute expressions!

Ah, did you know you are holding a skunk, Silas?  Actually Silis is just taking over trapping for a day for Isaac so he can get some things ready for the big hunt coming up.  Oh, and did I tell you the skunk really isn't dead?  Apparently Silas thought so and placed it in Isaac's fur fridge.  My what a surprise Isaac got when it revived and saw a moving skunk in his fridge!

Oh, I just about forgot the election.  Interesting isn't it?


  1. OOOOOOooooohhhhh, Esther is SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!!!! :)

  2. Always enjoy seeing pictures of Esther and the rest of you!!!

  3. That second picture of Esther turned out really good! She is such a beautiful baby. :)


  5. Yes, Kari, we saw the article! Sure a surprise when the Star called Hosanna for an interview!

  6. Thanks Mom for posting pictures of Esther right away for us - and the others too. I'll have to get copies of some of them sometime :)

  7. Love the pictures. Esther is beautiful. :) Such a little lady..

    I also enjoyed the skunk story. :) :) Hope there was no spraying involved. That's nasty stuff.


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