Monday, January 17, 2011

Trip Post 2

Actually, as I was putting things away today I remembered about one very special visit we had on our trip.  In Spooner, Wisconsin is a great coffee shop called the "Alley Cat".  My cousin Robert and his dear wife own this shop and I hadn't seen my cousin for five years so this was a very special visit!  Growing up with just sisters, Robert was more like a brother to me and we have some great memories that we enjoyed talking about as well as what our kids are doing, etc.  Even though we hadn't seen each other for so long, there's instant fellowship not only because of being family but because being brothers and sisters in Christ. How special!  So if you're ever in Spooner, be sure to stop by and order yourself one of his specialties!

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  1. We will have to try it some time when we go through on our way to your place. Thanks for the tip of a good place to eat.


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