Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday, Priscilla!

Priscilla Joy
March 17th

Happy Birthday, Dearest Priscilla!!! 
For fun, we thought we'd tell you some things about Priscilla that you might not know, like...

...when she was three months old, if you held her feet, she would do sit ups!!  Really!  We should've videoed it but some of you saw her do this.

... Priscilla enjoys writing books.

...She likes eating fish eggs.  Ug!

...Shot herself in the ear with a soft air gun.  We had a house full of company and it took a long time to get that little thing out.  

...She can read a book three times or more and still sits and laughs outloud as she reads.

...And you probably all know that Priscilla keeps our house lively, with her laughter, humor, and ideas.  Priscilla also loves God and shows it by her sweet spirit and attitude and helpfulness around the house.

We love you, Priscilla!  Have a great birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Priscilla!!! Hope you have a very wonderful day!

  2. Happy birthday! I enjoyed reading those interesting facts from the past! :)

  3. Have a wonderful Birthday Priscilla!!!! And HOW did you shoot yourself in the ear??!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Priscilla!! We pray that your day was a great one!!

  5. Happy 14th Birthday Priscilla!! I'm so glad that you are my cousin and friend. May God bless you in the years to come. I love you! In Christ, Elizabeth

  6. Happy Birthday Priscilla!!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! God bless you as you are growing older. I Love you!! XOXOXOXOX LOVE, YOUR COUSIN & FRIEND, RACHEL

  7. Thank you all for the nice comments, it's good to have friends like you guys.And Rachel H. you don't want to Know how I did it!

  8. Pricilla your are such a blessing!!!! I love your sweet smile and affectionate ways. You truly bring much joy to those around you. Some of our special memories of you will always bring a smile and a little chuckle:> I am excited to see all the LORD has planned for your life. May He richly bless you in this coming year. Love you and miss you. Hugs, Mrs. P and family


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