Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Skating and Fishing

York loves to go along ice fishing and for rides in the truck.  He hunts around for dead fish that people might throw out on the ice for his snacks. 
One day the M. cousins came along. 
My family, the J. family, and the C. kids all went skating like they do most Mondays.  Arthur is trying to get some practice in for a tournament he's playing in later in March. 
It always makes me a little nervous when I see the pictures Silas takes out on the ice.  This one is them going over a crack in the ice.  See the water splashing.  Silas tried to comfort me by telling me most of them got out before Isaac drove over it, just in case!
Almost over the crack.  Once again you can see all the water under the truck.
Whew!  Finally over.  I guess everyone drives over this crack because that's where the road is but it still makes me a little uneasy.  The fishing hasn't been that great this winter so they haven't been out too many times. 

Well, have a great day!  Don't forget to pray for our country today!

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