Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cooking Day

Well, we had time yesterday so we took a few hours to see how much we could get done.  One thing Miriam and Priscilla worked on were Frozen Fruit Cups.  I think they made over 100 and they are such a nice, healthy snack or dessert.  Miriam also made two different kinds of freezer meals.

I made a couple of different meals as well to freeze.  Just so you don't all worry, I don't use aluminum pans, or foil, and never have.  These ones I lined with saran wrap and am hoping once they're frozen it will be easy to peel off and plop in a glass or stainless steel pan.  Every since we first got married I decided never to cook with aluminum or aluminum foil.  I've always heard it could cause a variety of health issues so I just don't bother with it.  Kinda like hair dye.  I had my hair dyed once but after I heard about all the potential cancer risks I'm just not sure it's worth it just to look better. I know, I'm a little over cautious, oh well.  I probably will dye my hair again someday but not for awhile!
Hosanna made tatar tot hotdish and some frozen "Fried Ice Cream" type dessert.  This is so good and tastes quite similar to what you might get deep fried in a restarant.  Plus it's so easy to freeze and have on hand for company.  Hosanna also took her drivers permit test yesterday and got a perfect score! 

We made a couple kinds of soups including corn chowder and my sister-in-law, Linda's, cheeseburger soup.  It's similar to a corn chowder but it has lots of cheese in it and you serve it with cut up pickles and mustard and ketchup in it if you want.  Priscilla also made some loaves of french bread to go with the lasagne.  Thank you everyone for your suggestions!  I want to try the Thai chicken sometime, and yes, we agreed with Krystal that the best frozen food is ice cream! 

Now we need to get busy on the Homeschool Tournament next Friday.  Anyone within driving distance is welcome to come!  Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. YUM! that sounds like a really fun day. Would you mind sharing the ice cream dessert recipe? My family loves things like that.

    re. the hair dye - I'd love to say I don't dye my hair for health reasons. It's actually because I'm just too bad at the upkeep!

  2. Questions: 1. Do you freeze the fruitslush in cups? Or, keep it in a large freezer bowl.

    2. I love the Saran wrap idea instead of aluminum (even though the pastic may leech) --I wnder how you heat bread without foil. I tried once,but it became dry.
    --When I was newly married I was big into the freezer meals ideas. I purchased many glass with lid pyrex diahes. Sold them before we left for the missionfield. I STILL miss those dishes.


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