Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ham it Is!

Knowing it was time to post something, and knowing that we really haven't been doing too much worth posting, we thought we'd share a recipe with you that a friend gave me a couple of years ago.
You can fool anyone into thinking this is ham! And just for the record, this is a sandwich for Arthur's lunch for tomorrow.

Venison Ham
(In this case, it was buffalo)

Take one large roast.
Poke holes it it all over.

Boil: 4 Cups of Water
              1 Cup Tenderquick

Cool to room temperature.

Put roast in ice cream pail and cover with water/tenderquick solution.
Soak 4-7 days in fridge. (It's so cold right now we use our entryway as a fridge :)
Turn 2 times a day. (Oops, I forgot most days but it turned out anyway)

Rinse after 4-7 days depending on how strong you want it.
Put it in a pan and cover with water.
Add 2 oz. liquid smoke.
Boil / cook for one hour.
The meat will be pink.



  1. THAT is just about the coolest thing ever!

  2. It says cool to room temperature.... Does that mean I need to cook it first?

  3. No, you don't cook the roast right away. You boil the water and tenderquick and let that cool to room temp before putting the raw meat in it. Hope that helps!


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